The following are some of the well-known personalities on the Melbourne 160 metre AM scene:

                          Orignal list From Peter Parker's VK3YE Website updated by Lionel VK3NM

Reg VK3BQM Another loud signal and regular on the morning nets.

Tony VK3AML Seldom on the band now, but had a huge listenership in the 1970s. Known for many unconventional experiments and crossband contacts.

Roscoe VK3KRH A fine example of how loading up one's tower can produce a potent signal.

Drew VK3XU Noted constructor and CW DX operator, known for his strong signals interstate.

David VK3ASE Well known for the late night crossband 'missions', exponent of high-quality AM and the use of innovative means to solicit feedback from listeners.

Kevin VK3CKL Regular on the morning net and a good signal from Dandenong.

Les VK3SL Excellent signal when cajouled into firing up the station.

John VK3ACA Authority on many things technical, with extensive experience on low frequencies.

Grant VK3HP Possibly the strongest mobile signal of anyone, with a strength to rival many home stations.

Dallas VK3EB Well-known for the 160 metre AM kite experiments performed from Royal Park a year or two back.

Eric VK3AX A true experimenter with aerials being a very keen Dx-er and regular on the AM coffee break net.

Anthony VK3JIA Put out a very strong AM signal on the morning  net.

Roy VK3ARY Very potent AM signal on the band,.also the net controller most mornings

Lionel VK3NM Operates portable with a 14 ft helical and sometimes string up a full size dipole for contests also operated from W.A. as VK6DC.

Gus VK3AGP  Very regular on the AM net from Frankston.

Peter VK3YE A keen experimenter on QRP using various portable antennas, Magnetic loops, Squid poles ETC from some interesting  portable locations.

John VK3JO Comes up on a regular basis from Blackburn.

Randal VK3RM  Not very active on 160 but he puts in a good signal when he does come up.

Rob VK3DTR Regular on the net sometimes telling a joke or two.

Michael VK3DCP Another regular from Balwyn using homebrew equipment.

Greg VK3CN Sometimes running QRP and portable from the North- Western suburbs.

Harry VK3KBA Very keen and puts out a strong signal with his new 6 metre high verticle antenna.

Leigh VK3TOQ Puts out a very nice sounding AM signal from his homebrew transmitter.

Donald VK3IT Gets into Melbourne with good signals from Gordon near Ballarat using homebrew equipment into large antennas.

Other callsigns you might hear include VK3s  QX,   ZL,  IO;  & FG  to name just a few.