VC9COAL was a special event call sign issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the naming of Minto, New Brunswick. 

The station was on the air from December 1 to December 31, 2004.

A special QSL card was available for any contact or SWL Report. QSL via VE9WGS direct with return postage or via the bureau. No e-qsls will be available. 

This card can also be used to confirm a contact with VE9WGS. If you would like this card just let me know.







QSL cards from VC9COAL contacts during December 2004

Christmas Special Event Station contacts

K9C from the 6th annual Avenue of Lights in Quincy, Illinois. >>>view card

WX3MAS by the Christmas City Amateur radio Club in Nazareth, PA. >>>view card

W8ZQ from the Winter Festival of Lights in Wheeling, W VA. >>>view card


 Skywarn Recognition Day contacts

Skywarn Recognition Day certificate. >>>view certificate

VE4WWO from the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre in WInnipeg, Manitoba. >>>view card

WX1CAR from Caribou, Maine. >>>view card

WX4NHC from the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida. >>>view card

N0LD from Wichita, Kansas. >>>view card

WX2OKX from Upton, NY. >>>view card

W0W operated from Springfield, MO. >>>view card


ARLHS Christmas Lights contacts

GB2NBL from the New Brighton Lighthouse in England.>>>view card

K8HLM from the Huron Lightship Museum in Michigan. >>>view card

VE3TPZ from the Point Clark Lighthouse in Ontario. >>>view card

WA3WSJ from the Turtle Rock Lighthouse in Pennsylvania and the Barnegat Lightship in New Jersey.  >>>view card


Other Special Event contacts

VO1AA operated from Signal Hill in St. John's for the 103rd anniversary of Marconi's reception of the first transatlantic wireless signal on December 12, 2004. >>>view card

VC3W was operated using low power to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Welland Canal. >>>view card

PC100H was commemorating  the 100th anniversary of the opening of coastal station PCH in The Netherlands. >>>view card

K6B commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge during World war II. >>>view card

ON60USA from Belgium  also commemorated the Battle of the Bulge  . >>>view card

ON60M operated from the Canadian  War Museum in Belgium commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Canadian liberation in Belgium. >>>view card

W2W marked Pearl Harbor Day from the Historical Electronics Museum in Maryland. >>>view card

OE80XRW was on the air from Austria commemorating 80 years of broadcasting in that country. >>>view card


Other cards received

VE9OY was the only contact to my knowledge who was born in Minto. >>>view card

Shortwave Listener WPE2HLK heard VC9COAL in New York. >>>view card

VE4RQ was piloting an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Tokyo when he worked VC9COAL. >>>view card

VE7SMP sent this nice card to confirm our contact. >>>view card

VE1PO contacted VC9COAL from his location in Halifax, Nova Scotia. >>>view card

VE3NQK made a contact with both of his calls from Kitchener, Ontario. >>>view cards

NN2C sent this card from Long Island. >>>view card

VE3AT's QSL card shows the Toronto skyline at night. >>>view card

VA3MAH confirmed with this card. >>>view card

VE3TMG sent this card showing the skyline of Windsor, Ontario(or is it Detroit?). >>>view card

WC6DX sent this card with an aerial view of Monterey, California. >>>view card

WD4CNZ from North Carolina sent this QSL card. >>>view card

WB0VBW has a picture of Mt. Rushmore on his card.  >>>view card

M1DDD says his station may be the highest in England. >>>view card

MM3JHS was worked from Scotland.  >>>view card

9Y4PX was no doubt enjoying warmer weather on Trinidad and Tobago. >>>view card

The best DX contact was probably with 3DA0TM in Swaziland. >>>view card









                    HISTORY  of Minto, New Brunswick.







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