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Signal Hill National Historic Site









On December 12, 1901, Guglielmo Marconi received the first wireless signal from across the Atlantic. It was the letter S in morse code, transmitted from Marconi's wireless station in Poldhu, England and received at Signal Hill in St. John's, Newfoundland.

The anniversary  was marked around the World  on December 12, 2001. These are some examples of QSL cards issued to commemorate the event.

The Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs operated throughout the month of December with special call VO1S. And on December 12, 2001 they were operating from Signal Hill.  view folder card inside  view card front  view card back

The Poldhu Amateur Radio Club operated from the new Marconi Centre. The club was heard with  special call GB100GM in contact with VO1S on Signal Hill just after the reenactment of that first signal transmission.  view card front  view card back

The Baccalieu Amateur Radio Club  in Newfoundland was worked during the day. view card  

The Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland was heard operating station VD1GM.  view card front  view card back

The Radiocommunications Agency of Britain operated GB100WT from it's laboratory site at Whyteleafe, Surrey. view card front  view card back

GB100LD was on the air from the historic Lizard Wireless Station.  view card front  view card back

The Brickfields Amateur Radio Society operated GB100MAL to commemorate "Marconi's Atlantic Leap". view card

In Italy ARI Section Venezia operated II3GM. view card front  view card back

IR3GM was operated from the Venice dockyard by the Marcon section of ARIview card front  view card back

The Marconi Contest Club operated IY4W. view card front  view card back 

The Historical Electronics Museum Amateur Radio Club operated special station N1S.  view certificate

Canadian amateurs were able to use special prefixes for the event.   VX9WGS QSL CARD  VX3DIJ QSL CARD   VX4ZOO QSL CARD 

Italian amateur IK3HMB sent this card to confirm a contact.  view card front  view card back

The Radio Society of Great Britain offered this card for it's members to send. American amateur N1SKM sent the card to confirm contact on December 12th.   view card front   view card back 

The European DX Council transmitted a special program via WRMI in Miami on December 12, 2001. view card front  view card back

Other broadcasters have issued QSL cards commemorating Marconi's accomplishments.        RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONAL QSL CARD  ADVENTIST WORLD RADIO QSL CARD            RAI ITALY QSL CARD 

Many of these amateur radio stations operate during International Marconi Day each April.

To view more Marconi QSL cards from past special events and International Marconi Day, visit the website of shortwave listener OE1002419 in Austria.

This animated image was taken off the Radiocommunications Agency website.  Now known as the Office of Communications.  http://www.ofcom.org.uk/



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