This page is a compilation of links that describes radios built by amateur radio enthusiasts. The rights
belongs to their respectives authors.

I am sure that there are more projects available on the net.  Check your bookmarks and send me what you have for this page.
If you have any projects that could be added on this page please inform me so I can add it.

If you want to learn about building an amateur radio transceiver, you can have a look at the Elmer 101 web page
If you need some test equipment for testing something during the time you build your project, have a look at my homebrew test equipment page. I am sure you will find something that suit your need (or at least your interest).

NOTE: You need an amateur radio licence to operate many of these radios.  Consult your local amateur radio club for the details of what you need to do to obtain one. No it is not so difficult!

If a link is broken please tell me so.


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