Homebrew 30m CW Transceiver

Freq. range10.100 - 10.140 MHz
RX partSuperheterodyne with RIT and side tone
RF/LO-OSC/MIXTA7358P (IC originally for FM front-end)
LO-OSCsuper VXO with two 48.4611 MHz 3rd O.T. X'tals(Fund. freq. is 16.153 MHz)
IF filter2-element 6 MHz HB ladder X'tal filter, BW=250 Hz
IF amp.2SK241
IF amp./Detector/BFOTA7358P
AF amp.TA7359P(dual OP-amp.) and LM386
TX part
Carrier-OSC/MIXTA7358P with offset freq.
Buffer amp.2SK241
Driver amp.2SC2055
Final amp.2SC1969
Output power3 Watts with 7.5 Volts 1.0 Amps
T/R switch
Full break-in Two ordinary Si diodes back-to-back in RX antenna and audio mute with 2SK168

MINOWA, Makoto
Last revised 1998-05-07.