This is the website for the amateur radio activities of Steve Kavanagh, VE3SMA. For now it will start as a repository for various downloadable files - descriptions of homebrew projects, club meeting presentations and so on. For QSL information see my page on

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The Spartan Sprint Special 40 m QRP CW Transceiver has moved to the File downloads page

A couple of articles on wideband FM on 10/24 GHz

This is old stuff....rather dated. Thanks to Paul, VE3SY (SK), for the html conversion and to the Kitchener-Waterloo ARC for providing a home for these for many years.

10 GHz conversion of M/A COM "White Box" unit (pdf file)

Co-authored by Murray, VE3NPB. Also appeared in the proceedings of the 31st Eastern VHF/UHF Conference, Enfield CT, 2005. Thanks to Keith, VE3HHT, for providing a home for this file for the last while. You may also find what Keith has done with his "White Box" interesting....see his website

Primer on VHF contesting for HF contest operators in Ontario (pdf file)

A few basics. Written for Contest Club Ontario

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Audio and video recordings

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