Text E-Mail for Dos
The aim of this page is to direct you methods for getting e-mail not presented elsewhere but useable on any PC. There are many others. Use any Search Engine and start there with DOS Arachne, DOS Nettamer or DOS Pegasus if these do not suit your taste.
E-Mail with Bobcat
I have had several queries about how Bobcat users can get e-mail.
With the 8088 version of Bobcat it is difficult but possible.
One way is to use Telnet to connect to YOUR POPSERVER on port 110. (telnet mail.popserver.com 110) You then enter the user name in the form "user username" and then the password using "pass password". You then type "list" to list the messages. To read the messages without marking them as being read, use "top <# of lines>". To read the top 100 lines of message 4, you would type, "top 4 100". If you want to delete a message, use "dele ".
For more excellent telnet ideas try this site I sit in Siberia
Now that most webmail servers need a program that sends cookies and some sites like hotmail use https too, they no longer work.
Yahoo Web Mail WILL NOT WORK WITH BOBCAT directly. It needs cookies. But if you Telnet to this Public Lynx site , sign in as guest and then "g" and enter mail.yahoo.com as the URL, you will have the cookies sent by the remote site and everything works. If you have a Pop server on another ISP then Yahoo can be used to check that, as well. Note: Use either CUTCP telnet (below) or Minuet. Install as external, MT is a minimal use telnet and seems to croak on many sites. By the way, U. of Minn. no longer supports Minuet. They are returning the 50 dollar registration fee, so I guess Minuet is now freeware.

Another idea is to use Bobcat386 and sign on with. Yahoo Web Mail Bobcat386 sends the needed cookies and works well on Yahoo.
Now that B386 has https support your options are greater. Even Hotmail might work, but I have not tried it.
Or try MailStart Web Mail for an easy to use pop3 webserver ( also needs cookies)
NMO E-Mail for DOS
I have now prepared a simple e-mail package which fits on a single floppy and has a single common program setup screen similar to Bobcat but with mailer information added. It gets your pop mail, runs on 8088 up and in DOS or Windows. Once setup, it allows dial up, quick mail upload, download, then hangs up. I call this package NMO as it combines the freeware NM (NetMail by Marc Ressl) with the freeware O (Olim by Ian Smith). Olim is quite simple but can manage up to 15 different mail servers. Olim could be replaced by PCpine, Readmail, BM or any other UNIX type mail readers. You can use your favorite but OLIM is included and is fully installed (one server) from the setup screen.
To interface NM to OLIM I have written a small program I called NM2MAIL to take the OLIM *.txt and *..wrk files and convert it to single *.txt files in the format readable by these mailers. Without it, nothing I could find seemed to be able to read the incoming NM files. With it, everything is simple. It easily could be used to automatically get some ones internet mail and convert it to a format which could be accessed by a ham radio packet system. Maybe someday I'll try but preferably someone else will want do it first.
Download NMO Package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run setupnmo.bat.
NMM E-Mail for DOS
I call this package NMM as it combines the freeware NM (NetMail by Marc Ressl) with the (now) freeware M (Minuet).
To interface it to Minuet I have written some small helper programs to move the Netmail *.txt and *.wrk files and convert and place in the correct directories. This package keeps the Minuet mail in the standard Minuet directories. Don't try and use another and expect me to sort it out for you.
     This is a package I have made up for my own use and it is not to be
     distributed other than through my site. It contains both freeware and
     shareware and some of my own work to integrate all the parts. I have
     made it available to show how I have done it here. Others may suggest
     better ways. There are many parameters to set up related to the modem,
     your choice of directories, your ISP's parameters, and your mail
     information. The setup screen in setupNMM.bat allows single entry and
     should simplify installation. Each Parameter in setup then should
     automatically be entered in the correct location in NMMdial.bat,
     netdial.scr, nm.cfg and . Get one wrong and nothing works.
     SO I won't be surprised if you have some problems.
     This is how I get my e-mail and is the program I am most likely to
     update. Just have a go and make your suggestions.
NEW Added fix to wrap long lines which are sent by some e-mail programs so they can be read in Minuet. It became obvious that something had to be done when many travelling RV and Boating friends switched to Pocketmail. Now incoming e-mail will be automatically reformated at last word break if any line length is longer than 78 characters.
Download NMM Package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run setupnmm.bat.

Notes to readers of this page:
This collection of personal information is my return for all the help from others I have been given. It ain't perfect but should help simplify installation for most.
The internet is just a hobby. I have found life has too much to offer to waste much time with slow internet connections. Text browsing solved the problem and gets me offline in a hurry.
Gives me more time to explore the real world.