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Internet Programs For DOS
If you are interested in faster internet browsing , or resurrecting that old computer, look at Browsing in DOS. There are some excellent programs, mostly free, which really do the job.
All known Dos Internet browsers including Bobcat and Arachne may be found at FDISK Dos Internet Pages
If this is not enough, then try one of these sites
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E-Mail with DOS PC's
Go to E-Mail Page There has been so much interest in DOS E-MAIL. I have split off the email information to a new page. The aim of the e-mail page is to direct you methods for getting e-mail not presented elsewhere. It is unique stuff worth trying. I have tried not to repeat other sites and have used easy setup methods where I can.
Browsers for DOS

Bobcat (Lynx) Web Browser Suggestions
If you have a 286, use BOBCAT Update
If you have a 386 or better, use BOBCAT-386.
If you have WIN 95 use Lynx for Win32
Bobcat Version E07 is the latest public release of this LINUX/UNIX text browser that runs in DOS.
Bobcat is a DOS conversion of Lynx that emphasizes the information content of web pages. It is FREE and runs on an 8088 or 286PC or HP200LX Palmtop.
Bobcat-J for Japanese Users
Bobcat Update
I also have been working on some refinements to the Bobcat package. Here is the link to download an unofficial progress release of PRELIMINARY Bobcat E08
This package will install with PPP or PAP, but does not contain Chap support. If your ISP has CHAP, install as for PAP and unzip this chap file in your c:\dialnet directory. It contains a replacement epppd with Chap enabled and works for any of the packages on this page.

Here is my tool to speedup Bobcat considerably. It removes comments and blank lines from the lynx.cfg or wattcp.cfg files. It is also very effective on Bobcat386. Unzip in c:\dialnet\bobcat and read stripcfg.doc. Let me know how it works on your setup.
There has been a lot of interest from COMPUSERVE users lately, so to make my life a little easier I have packaged
This Special Compuserve Script File which you unzip in C:\dialnet\config. Then when you run the setup batch file for either Bobcat or Bobcat 386 , future installations will be for Compuserve.

Other DOS Internet Packages
Several other online packages, which may be of interest: They all install using the install interface developed for Bobcat.
In each case the installation is a two step process. Unpack the packages in c:\dialnet, then run the corresponding batch file to set up the new package. Each package is complete and standalone. Any directory name should now work , but the one used for Bobcat is preferred. The package additions have been designed to maintain any existing programs untouched while adding new programs in separate subdirectories. This has been done to allow a common dialer script format and to use previous setup information in each subsequent installation. This method really simplifies new installations.
These were packaged for my own use, but are provided here in a spirit of helpfulness for others to use and hopefully suggest improvements. No magic solution to anyones woes is promised.
It is requested that these programs not be copied and distributed on other sites or by other means. They are available for other users to download from this site. And if you don't understand, don't get it.
Bobcat386 Web Browser
Here is a Bobcat style package containing the executable from a recent release of the LINUX/UNIX browser "Lynx" compiled for use in DOS. Needs a 386 or better .

Looks the same as Bobcat, but has all the latest Lynx features, and better memory handling. External programs may now be run automatically by changing definitions in lynx386.cfg
Download Bobcat386 package with https Support
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run setup386.bat.
If you just want to update an existing intallation download this executable only of lynx386 version 2.8.4 dev 14 as compiled by Doug Kaufman from his site at www.rahul.net/dkaufman.
   Note that this is a "development"
   version, and may have more bugs that a "release" version. This version
   is compiled with openssl-0.9.6 to give SSL support. This means that it
   can now access https:// URLs. This can now be distributed because of
   the easing of US export controls on encryption. Please note, however,
   that US regulations still prohibit export to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya,
   North Korea, Sudan, or Syria. Do not download the file if you are from
   any of these countries. Please check your own country's regulations on
   the use of strong cryptography before using or redistributing this

Here is how I install Mailout to have working mailto's with B386. Unzip in \lynx386 and read mailout.doc.
Here is my tool to speedup B386 considerably. It removes comments and blank lines from the lynx.cfg or wattcp.cfg files. Unzip in c:\dialnet\lynx386 and read stripcfg.doc. It is also very effective on Bobcat. Let me know how it works on your setup.

YAN Dos Webbrowser Package with Telnet and FTP
Here is an interesting, Text only Web browser Package called YAN. Setup was fairly easy , but there were so many options I did not do well the first time. So I have assembled a test package for PPP dial-in users to download. Try it yourself. It now works on 8088 to Pentium. This package should make it much easier for you, as it uses the BOBCAT setup information already on your computer.
Download my self extracting YAN package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run newyan.bat.
Use the command browse [URL] to do http and it works with automatic display. Forms work with a f key press in browse. It has a fast lookup, download and display. I am told it works with Talking programs for the blind. Has a smooth working ftp and telnet.

The home page for has source code, other binaries and some additional help information YAN Homepage.

Doslynx Web browser
A Package that sets up the old DOSLYNX browser with PPP using the same setup as Bobcat.
Download Doslynx package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run newdlynx.bat.
Telnet and FTP Package

A Package that sets up Telnet & FTP with PPP . This is the CUTCP telnet program, which can also be made to work as an integrated telnet with Bobcat or B386. Worth trying if you can't get anything else to work on the web. With it, you can always telnet to a public lynx site (provided). Yan or Minuet also work well in telnet, if you need more options to try.
Download Telnet Package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run setuptn.bat.

Trace Route Package
A Package that sets up a Traceroute program for DOS using Bobcat setup. It is a useful helper for trouble shooting those slow links.
Download Traceroute package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run newtrout.bat.

Internet Chat
* A package that sets up basic ICQ Chat client for DOS using the setup program. This clone allows use of the Mirabilis ICQ server with DOS computers. I didn't write it, just made up a package for the author. It is provided here, as some users indicated they are having problems downloading from the ladsoft site.
Download MICQ package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run newmicq.bat.

* Here is a newer version of ICQ by the same author, packaged for easier install, together with notes.
Download LSICQ package
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run newlicq.bat. When you first install, you register online to get a UIN number. If you are asked questions that you don't want to answer, respond with a period, which will pass to next question.

TIME Package
Use the internet to set computer clock
Unpack it in c:\dialnet and then run setuptim.bat. It is set up for the MIT server (EST). Change server in timedial.bat for other time zones.
How to use a MOUSE with Bobcat or Lynx386 This is a freeware TSR that is loaded before dialing which allows the use of a mouse to select links. It really works.
MINSPLIT, Bozo filter for Minuet (45k) .... Readme for Minsplit
MAPLGS, DOS Ham radio propagation program (137k) .... Readme for Maplgs

Y2K Fix that works for me Here is a freeware Y2K fix for that old computer, seems not to mind the brand. I tested on an 8088, a 386, and two 486's here. All work. Neat solution.

Note to readers of this page:
This collection of personal information is my return for all the help from others I have been given. It ain't perfect but should help simplify installation for most.
The internet is just a hobby. I have found life has too much to offer to waste much time with slow internet connections. Text browsing solved the problem and gets me offline in a hurry. Gives me more time to explore the real world.

Happy Browsing.
VE3LGS John (mailing address now only in packages)

My miscellaneous RV page leads to a collection of RV musings such as USING CANADIAN SATELLITES in USA