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A portable Station for 30 metres.

I'm working on what I hope will be a W2IMU feedhorn for 2.4 GHz here.

Preliminary work on how to feed a small deep dish for AO-40 here.

I built two 2 short yagis for 2 metres on an Az-El mount. I hope to add further info here when I get a chance.

I scanned the manual for the Lunar 80P 2 metre amplifier for another ham; it can be viewed here.

I have some Excel spreadsheet calculators for tranmission lines and troposcatter here.

I work for the Canadian Department of Transport in the Marine Safety directorate. I hope to add some information on the GMDSS and the Ship Station Radio Regulations in the near future.

I used to work procuring electronic equipment for the Canadian Coast Guard and once had the opportunity to work onboard CCGS HENRY LARSEN. Of course, I brought my IC-251 transceiver and 70cm receive converter for some satellite fun in the High Arctic.

What page would be complete without some Links!

You can drop me a line here.

Thanks to QSL.NET for providing this great facility.