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"On the eight day God said "Let there be HAM radio".... and there was!"
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I got my first HAM license in 1976 as UB5IIH. I operated mostly CW. It has been my favorite mode. In 1993, due to the call system restructuring, I had to change my callsign to UR8IDX. Currently I am a first class license holder and enjoy using digital modes such as PSK31, MFSK16, RTTY, SSTV. Here on my site a number of links to HAM soft pages can be found. Please do not get discouraged if some of them happened to be not active. It's because the Internet is ever changing and moving "substance". Nevertheless, the most of them should be working ones. I'm sure these references would help those folks who are looking for amateur radio software to evaluate. If you find my site to be somewhat useful, a few lines dropped in my guestbook at the bottom of this page would be greatly appreciated.

Windows and DOS software for radio amateurs :

LINUX software :

Radioamateurs in Mariupol
There are more then 300 radioamateurs in Mariupol. I'm personaly took part in EN8IL and EO8IL DX-peditions to Lyapina island in Azov sea. It good for UIA award. It has AZ-01 number. If you want to see some photos. Also available logbook for EO8IL in ASCII format. In 2002 we have visited lighthose Belosarajskij Ukrainian LH-02 in the days of their activity. Also available logbooks of UR8IDX, UR5QRB of lighthouse activity.
open EN8IL-98 page
open EO8IL-99 page
open lighthouse page
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Visit UY8IY home page
Download Mariupol's callbook

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Weather in Mariupol


Contact information of UR8IDX:
Home phone +3 8067 7509471
Victor Mayevsky
P.O.Box 29044 ,Mariupol,
87529 ,Ukraine,Europe

Ukrainian radio amateur's world
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IARU bandplan
It is neccasary to know bandplan recomended by IARU. I know a lot of cases using forbident frequency on HF bands and VHF repiter chanels. Some try use unexisting R8 chanel on 2 meter band. So you can download or see the bandplan recomended by IARU
144Mhz Bandplan page
Short all band plan


Satellite tracking programs.
There are a lot of software to calculate satellite visibility. I will not show all known programs. A few of them is good to use under DOS, Windows.
Satellite is nice and precision DOS software.
InstantTrack is nice and precision DOS software.
WinOrbit is nice and precision Windows 32bit software.
Sat Scape is 3D/2D big "monster" for windows98. Require Direct X and P-II 400 processor
Satellite's working frequncy

Download keplerian elements.
There are lot of source of keps elements. Here are two of them.
Keplerian elements
ISS Keplerian elements
Converter NASA-Amsat data format

Download software of VK3UM to calculate QSO time via moon.
Download 206kb

Propagation forecast
William Hepburn doing good job by making VHF tropospheric ducting forecast. Every time I was convinced in truth forecastings. Here are few links for different areas:
Whole Europe area.
East Europe area
Middle East area
North West Europe area
North Atlantic area

Meteor showers
For those who interested in meteor QSO. Simply a nd nice software with CW keying and programing events.
Meteor scater Little Meteor Scater program.
Meteor DOS software by PA3BZO 55kb.
Compact MS-soft v 5.1 by OH5IY 594kb.

For DX hunters

Kolumbus DX Cluster

425DXNews Bulletins

DX Atlas
Nice program imaging world wide.

Exelent program alows work with DX in real time via the internet using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.
Another program alows work with DX in real time via the internet using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.

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