This setup consists of an OLIVETTI QUADERNO A5 size (8.25"X5.8"X1.25") sub-notebook (NEC V30/16MHZ CPU, 7.5" LCD screen, 1 Mbyte RAM, 20 Mbytes Harddisk running DOS 5) and a BAYCOM SMD-Modem built in a 9 pin D-PLUG. This PC weighs about 2.3lb (1kg) with batteries.
This system can run JNOS 1.11c for TCP/IP - AX25 packet or BAYCOM 1.6 software for AX25 packet only. I have also used SuperPacket with it. JNOS cannot run in a CPU speed lower than 16 MHZ because the AX25.COM driver will not receive with a BAYCOM modem. Of course if one uses a TNC there is no speed problem, but this will increase the weight of the whole kit and it will not be so portable anymore. The only problem with this setup is that the computer cannot operate for more than 1.5-2 hours continuously because the batteries get exausted due to the harddisk. Activating all the power save functions, you can increase the life of the batteries but not by a great deal. Of course you cannot send all the devices to sleep, because RS232 comms and power save functions do not cooperate very well.
I use this setup with a battery powered VHF/UHF handheld radio and of course this setup is mostly suited as a MOBILE PACKET STATION rather than PORTABLE because the PC can be powered from the car battery directly. Also it can be used on your holidays in the hotel because one can use the mains supply when in the hotel room and of course it is very pleasant to operate because this PC has got a 7.5 inch screen and a good size keyboard.

Nevertheless it is a very nice setup and it works satisfactorily either PORTABLE, MOBILE or as a temporary BASE STATION.

I have had many happy hours of operating PACKET RADIO (using the 9 pin SMD-BAYCOM MODEM), RTTY/AMTOR on HF (using a 9 pin HAMCOMM interface, the HAMCOMM 3.0 program and my HF MOBILE GCR-100), or RTTY/AMTOR/PACTOR on HF (using a HOMEMADE MODEM, the BMK-MULTY program and my HF MOBILE GCR-100) with this setup since around 1994, when I first assembled it.

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Athens 4 June 1999
73 de Demetre SV1UY
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