HP200LX with 9 pin BAYCOM SMD-Modem

As of Saturday 17 April 1999, I have another PORTABLE PACKET setup consisting of an HP200LX Palmtop PC (2Mbytes RAM, 10Mbytes RAMDISK, running DOS 5) and a BAYCOM SMD-Modem built in a 9 pin D-PLUG.

This works great for PORTABLE PACKET RADIO (size is only 16x8.64x2.54cm, weight is 312g with 2xAA batteries) and I am very pleased with it. Software used is BAYCOM 1.6 and if one does not overload the HP200LX with many TSRs, this setup works FINE.

It is all battery powered with alkaline cells and the batteries can last for about a week or more, so it is a true PORTABLE PACKET RADIO setup if it is connected to a battery operated VHF/UHF handheld radio. So I carry this setup with me wherever I go. Everything fits in a man's small bag including the VHF/UHF radio (IC-24), 8 spare AA batteries, another spare radio (VX-1R with a spare battery) and my wallet.

Unfortunatelly I have not being able to make the HP200LX with BAYCOM to work satisfactorily with JNOS yet, but I am trying. The AX25.COM driver does not work properly with the 80186 CPU at 7.9 MHZ. On the other hand maybe the AX25 driver can work fine if one can install the TechSpeed CPU upgrade kit. In this case the clock speed is changed to 15.8 MHZ resulting in a speed increase of 70-80 % but this will probably increase the power consumption and perhaps it migh introduce computer noise on the receiver. I hope I can find a good AX25 driver for the original CPU and BAYCOM MODEM setup. If anyone has done it please let me know. More news to come as I progress with it.

Of course one can use a small TNC and in this case there is no problem in using JNOS and TCP/IP, but no matter how small the TNC is, it cannot be compared with the size of a small 9 pin BAYCOM MODEM. So in this case the system is slightly bigger in size.

Johan SM0TSC has succesfully run JNOS with his HP200LX and a KENWOOD TH7D. (KENWOOD TH7D has got a 9k6/1k2 TNC built in the radio). The only thing one needs to remember, is to buy a TH7D with the latest firmware in it, because the first firmware has problems in KISS mode. Johan's TH7D serial number is S/N 01200629. Make sure yours has the latest firmware in it or arrange for the latest one to be fitted by your dealer.

Here is Johan's e-mail. Thanks Johan for this nice tip.

Sender: "Johan Hansson" [email protected]
From: "Johan Hansson" [email protected]
To: sv1uy at bbs.sv1uy.ampr.org
Subject: Update 4 ur Pocket Packet page
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 20:47:06 +0200

I have succesfully run your JNOS package on my LX200 together with my KENWOOD TH7D. This set up consists only of the rig which has built in TNC for both 9k6 and 1k2 also with aprs and SSTV extensions and a slim 3 wire cable to the HP200LX.
I bet this is one of the smallest setups or?

Best 73 de SM0TSC

Please stay tuned for any updates.

Athens 5 July 1999
73 de Demetre SV1UY
e-mail sv1uy AT sz8l.gr

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