ATARI PORTFOLIO with Portfolio Packet Interface (PPI)

This one consists of an old ATARI PORTFOLIO Palmtop PC (128K RAM, 128K RAMDISK, weight around 500g, running DOS) and a matching (TCM3105/EP610/HC244) modem specially designed to fit the ATARI´s BUS and to match it's case. AX25 software and Portfolio Packet Interface (PPI) is a design of HB9ZCJ. Unfortunatelly this kit is not available anymore. The modem is connected to a VHF/UHF handheld radio. The computer, modem and radio are all powered with alkaline cells and the demands in electric current are not so great. I can therefore, operate PACKET for many hours before I need to replace the batteries. With casual operation I have to change batteries once a week when I am away of an AC source.

I made this setup near the end of 1991 after having used Le-TNC (Handipacket from PACCOMM) for almost a year. The combination of ATARI PORTFOLIO with the Handipacket was my first PACKET RADIO STATION in 1990.

I have had many happy hours of PACKET RADIO operating with the above setup, before I made the KIT with the HP200LX.

Athens 4 June 1999
73 de Demetre SV1UY
e-mail sv1uy AT

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