SU8IOTA DX-Pedition
First Ever IOTA DX-pedition from an Egyptian
Island Location: White Rock (Norus) island (AF-099)
in the Mediterranean Sea (Matruh Region) Egypt.
Activation date July 31st to August 9th,2005
Re-activated again during the period 20 June to
July 2006
We received our license on a very short notice only
29 July, and the operation duration starts from July
31st to the 9th of August. as we are going to head to
Matruh early morning to.There was a problem in
reaching any of the three islands Hashafat El- Qutt,
Komfis, and Ishaila. Said SU1SK had been combing in
the Matruh region for the 3 days ( 31July - 2 Augst )
to determine the best location for the DX-pedition.
and The Team are to follow in a short while. I finally
located another island called Norus (means Seagull)
Island that complies with IOTA requirements. It lies
in open sea outside the port of Matruh. At low tide
the distance from the nearest land is about 400
metres. here a photos that I took from the island .
Camping on this island is no't easy (impossible) so we
are obliged to return back before sunset. I am go to
started operation Aug. 3 from 16:00z to 17:00z. for
the first transmission. The operation was dayly. just
last day of the DX-pedition ( 8-8-2005) working
from 23:00 UTC to open a Window to all hams in
North America & Canada . I faced a lot of
difficulties and many problems in this night really
was very bad night .! Anyway i back safe to home.!!
Everybody here is happy despite
the fact that the rest of the team
didn't manage to follow me there
because of the Very short notice.
I managed to make around 2000
QSOs with stations from Asia,
Europe, Africa, North America,
and Australia. This is not a large
number but knowing that I spent
more than three days looking for
a suitable island to operate from,
And that I was by myself alone
and was not rightly equipped ( No
any support or sponsors ). I seek
the help of three Young kids Ali,
Omar, and Abdel Rahman who did
really a very good job to assist
me. (my kids helped a lot!) They
had to go every morning to the
island and leave before sunset.
The working conditions were very poor a
Kenwood TS-440, a 20m dipole and SU1SK's
car battery! Despite these poor coditions I
make about 2000 QSOs with stations in five
continents.With the experience gained from
this dx-pedition, we hope to be able to prepare
a full scale dxpedition Soon from the same
place or New place maybe 2009 !! we will going
to keep you informed.
Thanks from our hearts to Roger
Balister, G3KMA the RSGB
IOTA Manager and the IOTA
management for the efforts.
DX-pedition members