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2005 Virginia QSO  Party     NEWS

Ray, KD4RSL, took some excellent pictures of the activities at the Awards presentation as well as other activities at the Manassas Hamfest. Larger images (~2MB images) are available via an email.  

The 2005 Virginia QSO Party Awards Ceremony was held. Excellent event. The presentation included some information on the activities required to put on the party, an analysis of the logs submitted and the QSOs, and discussion of the high scores, etc. The presentation is in MS Powerpoint and in a zipped Powerpoint format.

All time high scores published to the web site.

The 2005 Virginia QSO Party Awards Ceremony will be held at 10:00 AM at the
Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club's Manassas Hamfest on Sunday, 5 June 2004. Their web site is at (follow the links on the web page to the Hamfest information).

The preliminary assignment of Plaque Recipients has been made. This is subject to chanage as the logs are continued to be reviewed.

The 2005_VQP_Certificate.pdf has been updated and is available for viewing. The State Floral Emblem, the Dogwood, and the State Bird, the
Cardinal, are featured on the certificate this year. 

Updated on 28 May 05: Changes from original version are highlighted in red.
  We now have 170 logs included two additional today. The metadata from the logs received has been posted. Virginia QSO Party participants are encouraged to review the data concerning their logs. My fat fingers could easily have mis-entered a few numbers. Email any recommended changes to [email protected].

Contest Logs Received web page added. This will be updated as new logs are received.

Contest Logging programs designed for the Virginia QSO Party always help.

The Virginia QSO Party Summary Sheets have been updated for 2005 (MSWord format and PDF format). The changes include:

The Sterling Park ARC appreciates the contributions of the 2005 Virginia QSOParty Plaque Sponsors.

The list of 95 counties and 39 independent cities is unchanged from last year.

The final 2005 Virginia QSO Party Rules are available.  Changes from 2004 have been indicated in red font for additions and in red strikeout font for deletions. The principle changes are:
The Planning Calendar is available for review.

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