2005 Virginia QSO Party 


20 Jun 05: All plaques have been mailed to the recipients whcih were unable to attend the awards ceremony. If you are in the States and have not received your plaque in two weeks, please email. Plaques going to recipients overseas (in Europe) may take 4-6 week to arrive. In addition certificates have been mailed to all participants who sent in a log. If you do not receive a certificate in a week or two, please email and we will send another one.

30 May 05:
All time high scores updated and posted to the web site.

28 May 05: 
Notice that the awards ceremony will be held at the Manassas Hamfest posted to the main web page.

28 May 05: 
Emails sent to most of the plaque recipients. Did not have emails addresses for some.

21 May 05:
Plaques ordered.

11 May 05:
The 2005 Virginia QSP Party certificate has been posted to the web.

11 May 05:
The preliminary assignment of plaque recipients has been posted to the web site.

11 May 05:
We have 170 logs submitted.  Very few changes have come in over the past week.

30 Apr 05:
We have 168 logs submitted. This is up from 138 submitted logs last year.  Looks like this was a very successful Party.

30 Apr 05: 
We have updated several of the entries in the metadata collected from the submitted logs. The changes has been highlighted in red.

24 Apr 05:
The metadata collected from the submitted logs has been compiled and posted to the web. Party participants should review the data and email corrections to [email protected]. 73, Gordon, NQ4K

21 Apr 05:
We scored the paper logs at the last SPARC meeting on 18 April. The next step is to enter all the entry metadata into a spreadsheet. Then we will post it to the web for a few weeks to allow folks to review their data and allow for the correction of my fumble finger data entry mistakes. I expect to have the logs metadata posted by the end of this coming weekend.  It is looking like we had a very successful Virginia QSO Party. Log entries are up.  73, Gordon, NQ4K

15 Apr 05: 
Doug, KF4VTT emails:


Attached you will find our summary for the 2005 Va. QSO Party.  Our contest grand total was 10,104 for Expedition QRP.

Also I have included a picture of our QSL card for the event.  We had a blast even if QRP made it quite a challenge.  Hope we helped other stations with the multipliers.

We noticed a lot of stations wanted to write us off as a dupe after we moved to another county.  Maybe it should be explained in the rules that mobiles and expeditions should identify with /Mobile and /Expedition while on phone. We identified with /PAT and /FLO on CW and it worked fine.

Thanks for the event and we look forward to it next year.

73,  Doug Fleming  KF4VTT

15 Apr 05:
With the 133 known logs and an estimated additional 20 logs coming from a local club, our total number of logs should be approaching 150. 

5 Apr 05: 
Dick, W2YE, reports the stats from the operation of K4NVA, the Sterling Park ARC club station. " Of our 449 contacts, we worked 47 counties/cities and 45 states/provinces, for a score of 55,296 (according to Writelog)." 

31 Mar 05: 
Logs received page has been added. This page contains only emailed logs. Snail mailed logs will be added shortly.

24 Mar 05: 
Andy,  WV8AA, author of "Andy's Logging Software for the 2005 Virginia QSO Party" writes:
Greetings to All.  A couple of bugs in the scoring have been corrected.  If you worked the same mobile in both Fairfax County and City you will have a false dupe.  There was also a difference between the text file and paper versions of the Summary Sheet. The new new program (2005.0.3) has been posted to the web site.

You need to exercise a bit of caution now.
Install this new version (2005.0.3) into its own directory.  DO NOT INSTALL INTO YOUR EXISTING DIRECTORY; this will destroy your log.
Option 1: With the new program, click Log|Backup/Restore, click Restore, select your original log and restore it to the new directory.
Option 2: Click on the VAQSO executable and copy it to your original directory, overwriting the original program.  The VAQSO executable has a square logo that says VA QSO.
Start the new program with your data, click Maintenance|Re-Index; then click Maintenance|Re-Calculate.  Now you should be produce your reports.

Let me know what if you have questions or problems.

The best ways to give me feedback are...
  [email protected]     [email protected]     703-573-6044
Thanks and 73  --Andy       WV8AA
Check out http://www.lastnamesoftware.net

21 Mar 05: 
The 2005 Virginia QSO Party is over. It seemed like there was more activity this year than last year, but we will have to wait until all the logs are in to verify that perception. I want to thank the operators of the sponsoring station, K4NVA. These were Don, K7CS; Gordon, NQ4K; Jim, KF4PQL; Floyd, W4RW; Dick, W2YE; and a guest operator Larry, K3HE. Thanks to Dick, W2YE, for allowing the use of his station as K4NVA for the party. Our initial estimate is that the K4NVA station make 449 contacts.  73, Gordon, NQ4K.

20 Mar 05:
Received the first log this morning via email from Don, K3GY, in Erie, PA claiming a score of 3,748 (64 QSOs, 29 Mults, and of course 500 pts for contacting K4NVA). He writes "Dear Sir: Please find attached my log and summary sheet for the 2005 Va.Qso party. 40 meter propagation simply terrible from this qth. Still I enjoyed a great party. Please be advised of W3KM's GEN_LOG this Logging program will run any contest going . I have used it for many years and it always does a good job for me. It is freeware and can be had at W3KM's web page [ www.qrz.com ] system requirements... os of win98 or newer and a interface [ a 100k resister and a NPN transister between pc and rig key jack ]  I was using this program when in the 2000 Pa Qso Party I broke the Erie county scoring record.Please when you have the time to advise me if my log reached you intact by return e-mail. ... Thank you !  73 k3gy.Don"

19 Mar 05: The QSO Party has started. The bands seem fairly crowded. The K4NVA station was on the air by a little after start time and ceased operation just before 9 PM local time. We had three stations operating on several bands (80M, 40M, 20M, 15M). The operators for Saturday were Dick, W2YE, Jim, KF4PQL, Don, K7CS, and Gordon, NQ4K. We did about 260 QSOs. We will be on the air for most of Sunday starting mid-morning until the end. 73, Gordon, NQ4K

18 Mar 05:
Some notes on operating procedures and rules.

**  "Good morning Gordon, I have found a discrepancy between 2 logging programs and need a ruling. Andy’s program excludes VA as multiplier, while Scott N3FJP includes VA as a multiplier. Scott appears to be correct in his response to me, stating that the rules to not explicitly exclude VA. However, I expect that Andy is correct. Can you give us clarification on this? Hope to work this weekend.  Thanks and 73, Buddy/K4CJB"

Response: Good catch. The rules are not clear on this point. VA should not count as a state multiplier. (See Virginia QSO Party Score Sheet)  Gordon, NQ4K.

**   "I noticed in QST the suggested operating frequency for 6 meters was listed as 50.125. This is the standard calling frequency and isn't ethical to use it for a contest. It's probably to late to have this frequency changed for this year. I would suggest that it be changed in the future. JV   KT4U

Response:  Thanks for the recommendation. We will definately reflect in the rules for next year. Gordon, NQ4K.

**   "The rules state QRP is less than 5 watts." This should read 5 watts or less. The is the standard definition of QRP. This will be changed in the rules next year.  Gordon, NQ4K.

17 Mar 05:
We gotten some emails from hams who are going to operate during the Va QSO Party. I thought I would share someof them with you.

**  "Hi,  We plan on operating as K4EG from Patrick County on Saturday and Floyd County on Sunday.  We were going to operate soley from Rocky Knob in Floyd County but the National Park Ranger won't let us because of today's snowfall.  He said we could operate but not camp because of the weather.  Oh well, please get the word out if you can about these counties.  We'll give a good try. 73, Doug Fleming KF4VTT"  "I and another ham were thinking about operating Multi Op/Multi Station QRP from Rocky Knob, VA in Floyd County."

 **  "Well, it is finally here, the event we have been waiting for all year.  The VA QSO Party is this weekend, March 19, 20.  It would be great to hear from all the clubs in Virginia!!  Please let your club members know about this fun event.  Rules and details can be found at http://www.qsl.net/sterling/VA_QSO_Party/2005_VQP_Rules.html. I hope to hear you on this weekend from the RVARC club Multi-op entry K4TS."

**  "Many thanks, Gordon.  Look forward to hearing you and many other VA stations this weekend.  Then, look for us in the Georgia QSO Party on the weekend of April 9 and 10.  73,  John k4bai"

 **  "Hi guys,  Need a quick ruling here - I think the answer is 'yes'.  Gonna try some APRS contacts on 2m FM with Jim/KG4QWC this weekend for digital credit.  We'll
use 146.46 instead of the standard 144.39.  That way we're simplex and off the digipeaters. We'll pass serial number and QTH with the APRS messaging feature.  Sound kosher?  73 de Ian N8IK   Driver for KG4LTB"

**  "My wife and I are planning a pretty large mobile effort in the VAQP. It will be the first time we have operated there. I  have a planned route drawn up, but wanted to compare it to other mobiles participating so we do lap each other and net the most Counties and City possible. Our route, basically, starts in the Southwest corner, up I-81 n, then I-64 east, I-95 south, then the counties along the North Carolina west. Could be possible for us to notch 40-50 counties and cities. Of, course, this all depends on weather and road conditions. Anyway, just wanted to give you a head's up. Looking forward to coming over. Jeff  NY4N"

11 Mar 05:
Andy,  WV8AA, writes: Greetings to my favorite contesters!! One of my testers discovered a couple of bugs that only effect mobile operators.  The new new program has been posted to the web site. As usual, the files are full of my test data.  So be sure to go to Contest|New Contest and clear the files before you start the party. Also, I've added a page to the web site for you to report problems and suggestions.  Let me know what if you have questions or problems. The best ways to give me feedback are...
  [email protected]     [email protected]      703-573-6044      Thanks and 73  -Andy   WV8AA    Check out http://www.lastnamesoftware.net .

5 Mar 05:
Links to 4 contest logging programs that support the Virginia QSO Party were added to the main web page.

26 Feb 05:
Virginia QSP party Summary Sheets updated and posted to web site.

12 Feb 05:
Plaque sponsors finalized and web page updated.

11 Feb 05: Flyers (ie, 2005 Virginia QSO Party rules) snail-mailed to ham radio clubs in Virginia.

24 Jan 05: 
Steve, N9OH, reports "The VAQP changes have been made in the WriteLogmodule for VAQP and should be available in the next WL update which should come out in February. Thanks, /steve n9oh."   The WriteLog web site is at  http://www.writelog.com/.

24 Jan 05:  An updated list of plaque sponsors for the 2005 Virginia QSO Party has been posted.

10 Jan 2005: 
The initial list of plaque sponsors is posted on the web.  Sponsorship of two plaques is pending approval of the sponsor's club membership. One plaque awaits a new sponsor.

5 Jan 2005: 
Emailed VQP announcement to CQ mazagine.

3 Jan 2005: 
List of All Time High Scorers is posted to the 2004 Virginia QSO Party Web Page.

2 Jan 2005 
Dick, W2YE, emails developers of several contest logging program  advising them of update in Virginia QSO Party rules and requesting notification when their programs are updated.

12 Dec 2004 
Verified list of counties and independent cities has not changed and posted to web site.

11 Dec 2004 
Emailed short version of rules to ARRL Contest Branch.

11 Dec 2004 
Updated the 2005 Virginia QSO Party rules with the correct dates.

7 Dec 2004  Dick, W2YE, emailed a 1 page version of the rules to  Auto Call magazine, published by Foundation for Amateur Radio (http://www.amateurradio-far.org/).

29 Nov 2004 
Emailed have been sent to all sponsors of the 2004 Virginia QSO Party Plaques offering them first opportunity to sponsor the same plaque for the 2005 Virginia QSO Party.  Notice that 2 new plaques have been added and we are looking for a sponsor for one of the High Single Operator Outside Virginia Digital Mode plaque.

29 Nov 2004 
The final version of the 2005 Virginia QSO Party rules have been posted to the web site.

21 Nov 2004 
A draft of the revised 2005 Virginia QSO Party Rules have been posted to the web. These rules will be finalized after a review by the Va QSO Party Committee.

15 Nov 2004 
The SPARC membership discussed and approved rule changes for the 2005 Virginia QSO Party.

13 Nov 2004 
Dick, W2YE, has been polling interested people about Virginia Rule changes for the 2005 QSO Party. These will be finalized at the 15 Nov 04 SPARC meeting.  Here is his summary.
Virginia QSO Party Comments - Summary
I received 13 email replies to our questions on rules changes.
The change to the extra multiplier was universally accepted as a good idea.  One guy, Stan, K4UK, wanted the 100 point bonus dropped, but several others said it should be retained.
Tom, N4NW, suggested a slight rewording, which I partially accept.  Following is my recommendation for wording of the new rule:
"Mobile stations that contact 10 (ten) or more different stations while operating from a county or independent city may claim it as a multiplier, if not otherwise worked". 
There was not much of a consensus regarding the digital mode, although no one opposed allowing it.  Many thought there would be little action in RTTY or PSK, which I tend to agree with.  Thus, those entering as a digital mode entry would be rare, (like Novice/Tech is becoming).  There's not much digital action in Field Day, even although it's allowed.  Thus perhaps we shouldn't yet consider it as a separate mode, available for a plaque.  However, N4NW also pointed out that we have a "CW only" plaque, but no "Phone only", which would seem to be a likely plaque candidate.
Consequently, my suggestion is that we accept digital (RTTY/PSK) contacts as equivalent to CW; that is, count two points, but not as a separate mode for multipliers, etc.  My guess is that folks that operate CW won't operate RTTY, and visa versa.
Consequently, as a first draft of changes to the 2004 Virginia QSO Party Rules, to adapt them for 2005, I suggest:
Under "Contest Rules", the first sentence states "Work fixed stations once per band/mode"  I suggest adding a second sentence,  "Modes are Phone (SSB/FM) and CW (including digital RTTY/PSK)."  Then eliminate the current fourth sentence: "A Virginia Mobile transmitter must remain on one band for a 15 minute period starting with the first logged QSO on that band for that time period."  While we didn't discuss it, I think the first sentence in the second paragraph, dealing with "dupe sheets" should be revised.  Perhaps "Summary and Dupe sheets (200 or more QSOs) are required for all entries unless logs are prepared by recognized contesting software which indicates duplicate entries.  The software used should be indicated in the submission."  (The first sentence under "Entries" will also need a corresponding change).
Under "Scoring", in the first sentence, change "CW" to "CW or digital".  After the sentence dealing with bonus points for mobiles, add the sentence that I indicated above.
Under "Frequencies", add the following: "Digital contacts (RTTY/PSK) should use normally accepted subbands for these modes.
           73, Dick, W2YE

1 Nov 2004 
SPARC is soliciting comments on three rule changes for the 2005 Va QSO Party. There are 1) change the 15 minute rule to a minimum of 10 QSOs from a county, 2) adding a category for RTTY similar to that or SSB and CW, and 3) adding a "mixed" category. Comments on the Virginia QSO Party rules should be email to Dick, W2YE, at [email protected].

22 Sep 2004     
SPARC plans on discussing the rule changes for the 2004 Va QSO Party at its Oct meeting. Comments on the Virginia QSO Party rules should be email to Dick, W2YE, at [email protected].

22 Sep 2004
      The planning calendar for the 2005 Virginia QSO Party has been posted to the web.

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