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The ARRL 4th Call Area Incoming QSL Bureau is a forwarding service house for QSL cards arriving from foreign countries to amateur radio operators in the United States.  We handle 4th Call Area call signs (with a few exceptions *), regardless of where the operator actually lives.  General information on how the ARRL Incoming Bureaus operate may be found at

This Incoming Bureau is sponsored by the Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) as a service to amateur radio operators.   It is staffed by volunteers, from throughout the 4th call area.  The service is free.  ARRL membership is not required.

This Bureau maintains a PO Box to receive QSL cards from foreign countries and for receiving mail from amateur radio operators serviced by this Bureau.  The address is:

ARRL 4th Call Area Incoming QSL Bureau
PO Box 599
Sterling, VA 20167-0599

Questions may be directed to Gordon, NQ4K, the Bureau Manager, at [email protected]

Note:  Although containing a "4", the following call signs are handled by other ARRL Incoming QSL Bureaus.
  AH4, KH4, NH4, WH4 are Midway Island.
  AL4, KL4, NL4, WL4 are Alaska.
  KP4, NP4, WP4 are Puerto Rico.
  KV4 is sometimes US Virgin Island and sometime not.  See