ARRL 4th Call Area Incoming QSL BUREAU

QSL Bureau Q&A

Q: What is the address to write to for the 4-Callsign area Incoming QSL Buro?

A: You can send all correspondence, QSL envelopes, questions, or SPARC membership information to our address, which is:

     SPARC QSL Bureau
     Call Box 599
     Sterling, VA 20167.

Q: I've worked a number of foreign stations that have said "I will QSL via the bureau". What does that mean?

A: In a nutshell, it means that they will occasionally prepare a batch of their outgoing QSLs for past QSOs and send them to their National amateur radio organization (like our ARRL). Periodically, these organizations will sort and ship cards gathered from various amateurs throughout their country to the various QSL Bureaus located throughout the world. Then individual amateurs make arrangements to obtain their incoming cards from their own local QSL Bureau.

Q: Does that mean I must be a member of the American Radio Relay League to participate in QSLing through the Bureau?

A: No, the Bureaus will accept cards for ARRL members and nonmembers alike; however, in order to ship your outgoing QSLs, you must be an ARRL member and pay a small fee for service. (See ARRL web site).

Q: I've never used a Bureau before, but have worked some DX in the past. Can I see if I have cards on file before sending envelopes?

A: YES.  Send am email to the Bureau Manager and we will check the status of your cards and envelopes.

Q: I've upgraded twice, and now have a vanity call sign. Can you combine cards for all my calls in a single envelope?

A: NO. Envelopes are filed by call and different calls are maintained at various locations, and we have no way to cross reference upgrades, family calls, etc. Depending on callsign, you may have to maintain envelopes at different bureaus or with different letter managers.

Q: I think I have envelopes on file, but I'd like to be sure. How can I check?

A: Send an email to the bureau manager, who can check with the appropriate letter manager for you.

Q: How long does the bureau keep the cards before trashing them.

A: The cards will be keep for a minimum of 90 days.  Often longer depending up the schedule of the person handling your call sign.  Before trashing the cards, the letter manager will attempt to contact you either by email or by post card.  The letter managers often check with QRZ.COM to find your call sign and to determine if you have a stated preference for handling QSL cards.