ARRL 4th Call Area Incoming QSL BUREAU

How to get QSL Cards from this Bureau

To receive incoming DX cards via the bureau, amateur radio operators need an "account" established with this bureau. This can be in the form of Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelopes (SASEs) on file at the bureau, or in some cases by establishing a cash account with the appropriate letter manager.  The three options are:

Option 1. Send SASEs to the Bureau.

This is the option most frequently chosen by operators to get their incoming cards from the Bureau.

A letter manager is assigned to each call sign based upon the first letter following the number in the call sign.  The letter manager for NQ4K is the "K" letter manager. The Bureau's letter managers receive incoming QSL cards, sort them by call sign, and either put them into a Self-Address Stamped Envelope (SASE) or into an unclaimed QSL file.  When the SASE is fill, the letter manager puts it into the USPS mail.

Generally SASEs are 6 x 9 side-opening envelopes with the operators address in the front middle, stamps for 1, 2, or 3 ounces postage in the upper right hand corner, and the amateur radio operator's call sign in the upper left corner.  Currently the USPS postage rates are 58 cents, 78 cents, or 98 cents for 1, 2, or 3 ounces of postage respectively.

For the normal operator making a few DX contacts, we recommend sending 2 envelopes.  For a heavy DX'er, we recommend maintaining 3-4 envelopes on file.  We will notify you when we need additional envelopes by including a notice in your last envelope.

You prepare the envelopes and mail them to the Bureau.

Option 2. Send Funds for Bureau prepared SASEs.

The second option is to request SASEs from this Bureau. We will prepare the SASEs for you if you send funds to the Bureau. 

To use this option, send $1.00 for each envelope to the above mailing address.  Include your mailing address and call sign.  We will address the SASE and apply 2 ounces of postage.  Please print clearly.

Checks should be make out to Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club with your call sign in the memo field.  Alternatively, but not necessarily recommended, you can send cash.  We currently do not support electronic fund transfer.

Option 3. Maintain a "cash account" with your Letter Sorter.

Some Letter Managers prefer that users maintain a cash account. Alternatively, if you normally receive a large number of QSL cards, some Letter Managers may permit a cash account for that call sign.  This is entirely up to the preference of the Letter Manager.   This reduces the amount of space required by the Letter Manager, however this also incurs the additional risk of losing the funds.

A list of the Letter Managers that prefer a "cash account" is available at:

Please contact them directly concerning your QSL cards.

     If you move, be SURE to notify us of your new address.  Large self adhesive labels that we can place on your envelopes are desired.  We stamp our return address in the upper left hand corner of each envelope under your call to ensure delivery (so dont enter yours), but if your envelopes are returned to us by the Post Office for lack of a current address, and your FCC (callbook) address is also obsolete, your cards will likely wind up being destroyed.  (Hence, remember to notify the FCC of any address change).

     BE PATIENT!  Cards we receive from the foreign Bureaus are at least several months to many years old before they ever arrive here.   (Even longer if marked TNX QSL).   Then they must be sorted by the letter following the "4", distributed to the appropriate letter manager, additionally sorted by call, put into proper envelopes, and mailed. 

Nearly three dozen amateurs volunteer their time, and a portion of their shacks, to sorting and distributing cards and envelopes.  If  you think  we do a good job, send us a "thank you" note which will be forwarded to your letter manager.  If you feel there is a problem, send a note or E-mail and we will look into it.  

                                                           73 and Good DX,

                                                           Gordon Miller, NQ4K
                                                           Manager, Sterling Park Incoming 4th Call Area QSL Bureau
                                                           E-mail [email protected] or [email protected]