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Latest Beta for windows: (Linux version on its own page)

If you want more control over the locator extraction you can use the LocExtr
program. Allows you to extract locators from a textfile and then perhaps
edit the file before importing in GcmWin. Sourcecode here.

If you upgraded from an earlier version - on the Voacap tabs - enter decent figures
for the propagation. Especially set Txgain/Rxgain to 3.0 and choose CCIR.000
for the antenna (isotrope) as a start!

You can also uninstall (with the uninstaller) to prepare for a clean install.

If you choose to download the zip-file above....
Create a folder (c:\GcmWin or something) and unpack the content there.

If you want to use the propagation feature -
download newest file from http://www.greg-hand.com/versions/
Install it in a directory where files can be written.
(In newer Windows versions you cannot create files in the Program folder)
The default is to install it in c:\itshfbc

Older version:

  • GcmWin Beta 3.1.5 2010-01-24
  • GcmWin Beta 3.1.4 2010-01-13
  • GcmWin Beta 3.1.3 2010-01-05
  • GcmWin Beta 3.1.1 2010-01-02
  • GcmWin Beta 3.0.9 2009-12-05
  • GcmWin Alpha 3.0.8 2009-10-10
  • GcmWin305Alpha.zip GcmWin Alpha 2008-08-17
  • GcmWin23.zip GcmWin Older version 2.3

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