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Please see below for help in completing this form.

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1. Full Name and Particular

Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms etc.):
Full name:
Call Sign:
Preferred Badge Name:

2. Snail Mail Address

Post Code:

3. Telephone


4. Accompanying Persons :

Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign:  Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
5.Total number of persons aged over 12 years: x Aus$200.00 =
6.Total number of persons aged below 12 years: x Aus$165.00 =
7. Would you like transportation to be arranged between Perth
International Airport and The Acacia Hotel? (Aus$11.00 per pax by Transfer Buses)
Yes / No
If yes: complete line 8.
8. Arrival Flight Number, date, time: : [if unknown yet, you may be sent later by email to [email protected] or [email protected] ]
* Date of arrival: Date of departure:
9. Accommodation
10. Would you like us to reserve room or rooms at The Acacia Hotel? Yes / No
If yes: please complete line 10.1 or 10.2 and/or 10.3
10.1 Number of single room (Aus$88.00 per room with Breakfast): No. of nights:
10.2 Number of Double room (Aus$98.00 per room with Breakfast): No. of nights:
10.3 Number of Additional Bed (Aus$20.00 per pax with Breakfast): No. of nights:
11. Would you like us to help in locating alternative accommodation  Yes / No
If yes, please indicate you budget per night

12. Please indicate any special requirements: [Food, Medication, etc.]


The above Form is also available in Doc format. Click here to download a copy. Save to you hard disk, fill it up and send it as attachment to Ben Koh <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

Notes for Registration Form.

The following numbered paragraphs correspond with those on the above Registration Form, and contain notes to help you complete the form.

1. The leading attendee should complete this section. i.e. Group leader, or leading partner in the case of a couple. The badge name is the name or call-sign you wish to be put on your Convention ID Badge.
2. Please complete the postal address of the Leader.
3. Please give the contact details of the Leader
4. Please give the names and badge names of all accompanying persons.
5. Please fill in the total number of persons in your party aged over 12 years. The Convention Registration Fee is Aus$200.00 per person. This covers lunches, convention dinners, entertainment, convention activities, sight-seeing, prizes etc. The total registration fee for such persons can be calculated by multiplying the number of persons by Aus$200.00.
6. Please fill in the total number of persons in your party aged below 12 years: The total registration fee can be calculated by multiplying the number of such persons by Aus$165.00.
7. Eddie Reece VK6AEA [Tel: +61-8-9457-1296, Mob: 0414-664-744, email:[email protected]] will arrange to meet delegates arriving at Perth International airport, and will help arrange the most appropriate transportation by road to the Acacia Hotel. [Aus$11.00 per pax on transfer buses. It is cheaper by Taxi if travelled in group of four]
8. Please give details of your flight number, arrival and departure date. If not available yet, please mark "will forward later".

Accommodation can be arranged and reserved directly with The Acacia Hotel, via their Web site for reservation: or by Email:[email protected]. Please mention that you are attending the SEANET  Convention to qualify for the special SEANET2002 price of Aus$88.00 net per single room per night with Breakfast OR Aus$98.00 net per double room per night with Breakfast AND/OR Aus$20.00 net per additional bed/pax with Breakfast. You will receive confirmation for your bookings..

Any detailed queries about accommodation/facilities can be directed to the sales staff.  The contact details are: Ms Reiko Sato (Event Manager) Email:  The address is:
he Acacia Hotel,
15 Robinson Avenue,
Western Australia 6003
Tel: +61-8-9328-0000
Fax: +61-8-9328-0100
Email: [email protected]
It should be mentioned that The Acacia Hotel is normally fully booked during November (High Season), but is reserving a large number of rooms for the convention. Once the rooms are booked, an alternative hotel may have to be used.

To guarantee your room booking in the convention hotel it is preferable to book as soon as possible, before 13th September 2002. Bookings received after 13th September are subjected to availability.
If you would like the Organizing Committee to handle your reservation please indicate the appropriate answer and complete section 10.

10. Please indicate your accommodation requirements. Note that the prices are nett, and are specially discounted for the convention.
11. The Acacia Hotel is offering a very good value package, and it is obviously more convenient to be located in the Convention Hotel, but if anyone would like help in locating alternative accommodation in Perth, the Organizer will be pleased to do so. Please indicate if help is required, so also your budget per night.
12 Please write your special requirements.

Please register by 13th September 2002 and forward your Registration Fee by wire transfer or by best means to:

Challenge Bank
109 St George's Terrace,
Perth, Western Australia 6000

Payable to - Seanet Perth
Customer number 91895042
BSB and Account number 036-037 18-3204

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