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Everyday at 12.00 UTC on 14.320 MHz you can hear one of the net control calling

CQ seanet, CQ seanet, CQ seanet

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Wisnu Widjaja - YB0AZ

QTH = Jarkarta


Backup Seanet Controllers are;.

JA5TFF - Hisao (Saturdays & Sundays)

VK6UO - Kim (Controller for Tuesday & Backup for other days.)

DU9/G4UNL - Roy (Controller for Saturday & Backup for other days.)

YB0US - Jani (Anyday)

9M6CT - Philip Weaver (When he is in Kota Kinabalu)

(Note: If you are able to spare some time to be a backup controller, please contact the above Seanet Controllers)

Check-in Tips

Here are some of the ways in which you, as SEAnet member can assist the Net Control Station (NCS):

NOT tuning up on Net frequency after the Net has been called to order, please wait until the Net closes and the channel becomes free.

REFRAINING from checking in under "emergency, medical, urgent or priority traffic" unless a situation really exists. Please do rot check in at this time merely to make a contact with another station unless you have a very good reason to do so.

NOT breaking in out of turn- Please wait for your turn and if it has passed, then wait for "late station or late traffic." This does rot apply to any emergency traffic you may have; then call "Break or Break-Break" for dire emergency. If you want t0 call a station that has just checked in, then call "Contact"

TRYING to be on time for your turn. The order of check-ins can vary depending on the NCS and his or her location, but there is usually a set pattern.

RESTRICTING your transmission to essentials only on tile Net frequency, such as QRS, QRU, QRV or traffic as the Case may be.

ANNOUNCING at your check-in time if you wish to leave the frequency before the Net closes.

CHECKING back into the Net f you fail to make contact with your assigned station on the assigned frequency. Then call "Check Back".

CHECKING back into the Net and releasing the assigned frequency to NCS when your traffic is cleared.. Say "73 clear" etc.

CALLING "Relay" followed by your call sign to prevent doubling relaying becomes necessary.

REFRAINING from asking the NCS to hold your traffic for another day.

TRYING to make all contacts on the Net during Net time with the help of the NCS only.


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