SCCARA Special Events Information


POSTPONED TO OCTOBER - lightning risk


Henry Schmidt park,
555 Los Padres Blvd Santa Clara Ca
This is between Forbes and Saratoga Ave

Talk in on W6UU 2M 146.985 - 114.8 An HF station will be set up too.

The advance crew will arrive about 7AM to get space.
You can arrive early too, or around 9:30 AM , Usually runs past 3 PM

the fire is free

Dogs & Burgers are usual -You may bring your preference if desired.

Usual Exceptions:

Club station contests: SCCARA operates the following contests from our club station at the Red Cross.

In November the ARRL has sessions for sweepstakes.

These are great contests to operate as a club activity.

So lets all make these fun contests for our club.
73 Don K6PBQ


Red Cross Location



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