SCCARA Club Repeaters

SCCARA Repeaters (W6UU)

Band , Frequency , PL , Status

2 meters, 146.
(-) 114.8 Hz PL, -Operating

location, Near Eagle Rock, East San Jose

70cm, 442.425 (+), 107.2 Hz PL, -Operating

location, Regional Medical Center



SCCARA Two (2) meter repeater, Mondays at 7:30 PM,

(Not on the second Monday of month -- it's our meeting night)

Two meter Net control:
Don K6PBQ - coordinator

SCCARA Ten (10) meters, 28.385 MHz USB, Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

Ten meters Net control: Wally KA6YMD.

Visitors always welcome to join in on the SCCARA nets.


SCCARA sponsors the N0ARY BBS

This BBS has moved from the "flatlands of SJ" to

Mt Umunhum about 20 Mi South of downtown SJ.


The 2M BBS has changed frequency.

2 meters, 145.09 1200 baud


70 Cm, 433.37 9600 baud


"Primer" on Packet available at:

Packet Radio
Information from Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ
San Francisco, California

Or if you want the direct link to the Intro to Packet articles:
text version:
html version:

for more information on N0ARY BBS:




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