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Our newsletter archives    We have most of them, but not all.

Our video archives    Including one we made in 1925.

   And everything else...   Photos, files, newspaper clippings... anything that isn's a newsletter or video.
These archives are a work in progress.

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   From the 1920's:     We started out as the San Jose Radio Club.

    From the 1930's:    The club station moved to the San Jose Civic Auditorium.

    From the 1940's:     SCCARA became incorporated and we got a new call, W6UW.

    From the 1950's:   We invited actress Janet Leigh to our 1951 BBQ.

    From the 1960's:  

    From the 1980's:  

    From the 1990's:  


Woven SCCARA sew-on patch, 5.25" (133 mm) diameter.

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