SCCARA Historical Archives

The archives are divided into three main sections:
Newsletters, videos, and everything else.

Our newsletter archive page    ... including some before it was even called the SCCARA-GRAM.

Our video archive page    ... one film was made in the mid 1920's.

   And everything else...
Photos, files, newspaper clippings... anything from our past that isn's a newsletter or video.

These archives are a work in progress.

Many images have "titles" which lists names & calls or other info.
Hold the mouse pointer over an image to see its title (if any).
Names are listed from left to right, front to back.
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   From the 1920's:   

    From the 1930's:  

    From the 1950's:  

    From the 1960's:  

    From the 1980's:  

    From the 1990's:  

      Roster prior to 1928.  
(pdf file, 1.1 MB)
          This is the earliest known roster.   All call signs had the 'W' prefix added in 1928, the calls listed here start with '6'.


Woven SCCARA sew-on patch, 5.25" (133 mm) diameter.

(0.8 MB jpg)

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