Southern California Packet Radio BBS Information

Amateur Packet Radio MailBoxes and bulletin boards in the Western United States are linked and provide automatic message forwarding via a network called WestNet. Message traffic entered at any member system will be forwarded within this network automatically, and traffic destined for locations outside of WestNet will be processed to the nearest gateway station for proper forwarding.

Download the Last WestNet list.
List supplied by Glen Warren, KM6RZ
Glenn became silent key week of 16 December 2001

Regional Information SCAPS

In the Southern California area, the AX.25 BBS systems were represented to WestNet by a local organization called the Southern California Association of Packet Sysops also known as SCAPS.  This organization was self policing and made appropriate decisions for our local BBS network.  SCAPS last met November 18, 2000 at 1:00 P.M. at the address below.  Sysops wishing to be informed of the nest meeting date and time should request to be put on the SCAPS re-mailer by sending an amateur radio packet message to: [email protected]#SCA.CA.USA.NOAM.  Alternatively, one may subscribe via internet by clicking on the Yahoo Groups icon or by sending an E-Mail via the "Click to subscribe" hyper text provided below.
Subscribe to SCAPS U.S. Mail Address: Meeting Location:
SCAPS Los Angeles County EOC
  PO BOX 65643 1275 N. Eastern Avenue
Click to subscribe to SCAPS Los Angeles, CA 90065-0643 Los Angeles, CA 90063

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