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This web page was created so that everyone could learn about the island expeditions of St.Petersburg's hams and have a look at some photos taken during these adventures. The page is updated as I obtain new materials, so come over from time to time.

30 Aug 2002 - Pictures taken during our Estonian trip are added: Kihnu Is., Kassari Is., Hiiumaa Is.

20 Aug 2002 - On August 16-19 UA1CIO, UA4LDP and myself were active as UE1CLH from Stirsudden Lighthouse (RLE-011, ERU-008). Over 1500 OSOs were made.

29 Jul 2002 - On July 26th RA3AUM, UA3DX, UA1CIO and myself went to Kotlin Island (IOTA EU133, RR-01-06) where stayed for three days and took part in the IOTA Contest signing RK1A/p. The claimed result is 1318 QSOs, 1790982 points. Also we were active before the contest using our home calls.

22 Jul 2002 - On July 20-21 I and Vlad UA1CIO were active from Krasnaya Gorka Lighthouse (RLE-016, ERU-141). Some 320 OSOs were made.

19 Jul 2002 - On July 17th RA0BM, RA0FU and myself operated for a few hours from Orekhovy Island (RR-19-03) where the famous Oreshek Fortress is located. Some 300 OSOs were made.

01 Jul 2002 - Some pictures from our second trip to Reymosar Island are added.

29 Jun 2002 - Effective now my QSL manager for all DIRECT requests is Cezar, VE3LYC. All bureau cards should go to RZ1AK only.

27 Jun 2002 - On June 26th I operated for a couple of hours from Stirsudden Lighthouse (RLE-011, ERU08). The conditions were very poor so I managed to log only 98 stations.

17 Jun 2002 - I and Vlad UA1CIO are just back from an expedition to Estonian islands. We made over 3000 QSOs from Kihnu Island (IOTA EU178) signing ES8/home calls and some 2000 QSOs from Kassari Island (IOTA EU034) signing ES0/home calls. MNI TNX to Jaak ES1FB, Meeme ES0IC, Maie ES0LBY, Oleg ES1RA and August ES1AX for the warm hospitality.

30 May 2002 - On May 26 Vlad (UA1CIO), Tim (UA3DPB) and myself went to Reymosar Island (IOTA EU133, RR-01-17) to celebrate my birthday. For three days of our stay on the island we made 1410 QSOs signing RK1A/p.

21 May 2002 - A few pictures from our Dalniy Island expedition are added.

12 May 2002 - On May 5-9th RN1CW, RN1CX, UA1CIO and myself were active with the speciall call RP1COP commemorating the defenders of the Oranienbaum Platsdarm and the 57th anniversary of USSR's Victory over Fascist Germany.

03 Jan 2002 - On December 30 - January 1 I and Vlad accomplished another winter island expedition. This time it was Dalniy Island (RR-01-19), some 550 QSOs were made.

10 Dec 2001 - I don't know what's the reason but quite a few people have asked me recently if Dennis is my real name. For all those wonder I've laid out a scan from my passport.

31 Oct 2001 - Lots of pictures from our summer expeditions are added: Kubenskiy Is. --> Vysotskiy Is. --> Krayniy Is. --> Shepelevsky Lighthouse --> Pypno Is. --> Reymosar Is.

18 Sep 2001 - On September 17 I went to Kotlin Island (IOTA EU133, RR-01-06) to sample a mobile antenna I had borrowed for a few weeks. Some 200 QSOs were made within two hours.

04 Sep 2001 - On September 1-3 I and Vlad (UA1CIO) put on the air Reymosar Island (IOTA EU133, RR-01-17). We had some problems with our power supply, that is why only 393 QSOs were made from the island.

25 Aug 2001 - On August 23 I did accomplish a one-day expedition to Pypno Island (RR-23-04) in Lake Chudskoe. That was the first island expediton on my own, never again. Too hard and quite tedious. Anyway, some 400 QSOs were made within 6 hours, the call was RZ1AK/1.

20 Aug 2001 - On August 18-19 I and Vlad took part in the International Lighthouse / Lightship Weekend from Shepelevsky Lh (ERU 007). That wasn't a serious effort so we made only 385 QSOs due to one accumulator battery. The callsigns were RZ1AK/p in SSB and UA1CIO/LH in CW.

12 Aug 2001 - On August 11 our team (UA1CIO, UA3DPB and myself) accomplised another expedition to Baltic Sea Islands. During one week we managed to put on the air three different islands situated quite far from each other. First we operated signing RK1A/p from Kubenskiy Island (RR-01-15), then RZ1CXF/p from Vysotskiy Island (RR-01-14) and finally RK1B/p from Krayniy Island (RR-01-16). Totally some 5000 QSOs were made. All QSLs via my home call.

28 Jul 2001 - On July 24-25 travelling around numerous islands in the Bay of Vyborg I and Vlad (UA1CIO) put on the air Vysotskiy Island (RR-01-14). The Island is situated just a few hundred meters away from Malyy Vysotskiy Is. Some 550 QSOs were made within a few hours of our operation.

24 Jun 2001 - A few pictures from our expeditions to Fort Milutin Is. and Polosari Is. are added.

21 Jun 2001 - QSL cards section is added.

14 Jun 2001 - On June 10-12 Vlad (UA1CIO) and myself put on the air Polosari Islands (RR-01-13), a group of three small deserted islands in the Baltic Sea. Operating as home calls /p we logged some 650 QSOs.

29 May 2001 - On May 26-28 Vlad (UA1CIO), Tim (UA3DPB) and myself put on the air Fort Milutin Is. (RR-01-12), a deserted island-fort built in the Baltic Sea 145 years ago. Operating as RK1B/p we logged 1287 QSOs, 327 of them were made in the CQ WPX CW Contest.

16 Mar 2001 - A few cartoons on the ham radio are added.

10 Mar 2001 - On March 7-9 I and Vlad (UA1CIO) undertook another expedition to Verperluda Island. The total number of QSOs we made this time was 912.

20 Feb 2001 - A few pictures from our last expedition are added.

04 Feb 2001 - On February 2-3, Vlad (UA1CIO) and myself put on the air Verperluda Island in the Baltic Sea, IOTA EU133, RR-01-11. We succeeded to make 408 QSOs due to one accumulator battery that lasted the entire trip.

18 Nov 2000 - My home page appeared on the Web.