Eugene Popov
EZØFAE (1982, in USSR it was license for 160m operating only) UAØFFH (II-cl. License), UEØFFF (it was my special call, 1997), T88OW (Dec'2011 -Jan'2012, original story and photo's here)
UKØFAN, UKØFAA (1981-1985) RKØFWL, RKØFWL/p (Moneron Island IOTA AS-149 1998, and 2000 DXpedition ), RIØF (IOTA AS-149, 2008), R2ØRRC/Ø (IOTA AS-062, 2013), RØHQ (MO HQ station in IARU 2017 contest, I wkd on 40m only)


DXCC Honor Roll plaque
DXCC Challenge plaque
5B WAZ Plaque (I'm the 847th station to achieve ALL 200 zones.)
WAZ 160m plaque
5B WAS (+160m) plaque


Now TS-590SG, TS-590S, ACOM2000A, MicroHams devices

Click, here for see my TX and RX antenna system's

Signals that I listend on 160m (mp3 files)

QSL info:

LoTW or directly to my address (no any QSL-managers!, no eQSL!)
Direct address:
P.O.Box 79, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-10, 693010, RUSSIA
r a 0 f f @ m a i l. ru or eugene.ra0ff @

   I'm starting in 1981 with club- stations UKØFAN, UKØFAA and as SWL. In April, 1982 I have received the first License and call EZØFAE. As EZØFAE I was authorized to work with capacity 5 Watt only on 160m band. After one year I already had the License of Second class and call UAØFFH. In 1989, after receiving High Class License the call was replaced on short and good sound - RAØFF.
I'm CQ zone 19 checkpoint for WAZ awards.

Starting. The steps of long way!
1st document
1981. Permission to start
of building of Radio station.
2nd document
1983. Permission to start of building
of Radio station for 2nd Class License.
1990 visit to IT9AXZ, Siracusa (Sicily, Italy)
with IT9AXZ
Enrico and me, IT9AXZ - country lodge
With mother superior of women monastery in Catania
with IT9HLR
Salvo and me, apartment IT9HLR, Siracusa
1994 South Korea Trip
HL1AVS Family
Visit to HL1AVS family
National Korean Park
Seoul, National Park
HL0KZK-members MBC (Korean TV)
.. HL0KZK-members, on MBC
(Korean broadcasting)
1995 Japanese Trip - 95'Tokyo HAM FAIR
JACOM family
... JH1MLP,Noboru Sugii
(JACOM President) and his wife
Tokyo View
Sight on Tokyo (or on me!)
from the 40th store of
"Shinagawa Prince Hotel"
JACOM exposition
On background of
JACOM Co. exposition
1997 Saipan Island Trip with son
With son before
boarding to submarine
At the same time on Sakhalin:
about 1.5 meters of snow
After 5 min -
Saipan Island from height
of the bird's flight
Moneron Island IOTA AS-149 DXpedition 2000 ( RK0FWL/p Team )
One of the bay
of Monerom Island
Moneron 2000, Sheck
Second TX position (17m)
Moneron 2000, Position View
Our TX-position
RK0FWL/p DXpedition QSL
One of the variants of QSL
2002-2005 - Shack and antennas
Force12, J-pole
Force12 C4XL
and part of 160m J-pole
Force12 C4XL
Force12 C4XL
C4XL again
Again Force
Only case from AL-80BX
and inside is famous
Russian GU-43B :)

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