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New Members & Callsign Changes

The QSY Society would like to welcome the following new member(s):

KC2QFS David Gong - [email protected]   from Mahopac, was the lucky winner of the Antenna Handbook at the December meeting, and is the father of: KC2BNX.

KC2BNX Michael Gong - [email protected]     who is interested in packet, APRS, antennas, and everything else ham radio related. He and David have been bringing some very cool antenna projects to the 'show and tell' segments of the QSY meetings.

KA2VWY Carmelo Viera - [email protected]   from Newburgh, is friends with Jimmy, Maddie, and Gabe, all enthusiastic new members from that side of the river!

Ken Lee K1KHL

Tom Ruff KC2POW

Maddie is KC2ISH & Gabe N2PQTa are Tech's and live in the Bronx. Interests include helping maintain NYC Packet network w/N2NSA.Also involved in ARES. 

Jim KB2QAT. Jim is a General, lives in Walden, interested in antenna construction, dx contacts, and wants to become active with CW.

Fred Lauricella KC2QFR, [email protected] lives in Wappingers Falls and is interested in most of the technical aspects of amateur radio. Would really like to learn CW. Received FCC GROL in 1969. Fred is the new QSY webmaster.


Please welcome when you meet them on the air or in person!

Our new website is under development

Our new website design is now online for. If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail KC2QFR and/or e-mail N2SKP .




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