SKEM is an easy to use schematic drawing program designed to provide you with the ability to produce high quality printed schematic drawings. - Requiers: IBM or compatible computer with 640K minimum, VGA video system (640x480 at 16 colors), Hard drive, Microsoft compatible mouse (is a must). Printer: HP or compatible laser printers only (sorry, no dot matix printers).

Home Made Key. If you like a 100% home brew station, or it is difficult to get CW keys in your area (like in Sri Lanka). I am sure you can find some wood and a broken hexo-blade. You make the key 100% home made!

We dont really entrtain Just QRP links,
unless the link site is exceptionlay intresting home brew and qrp.
Please visit following sites. They are really worth visiting.

Harry Lythall SM0VPO You must visit this site. Lots of home brew things, from QRP projects to beer and wine!! Also very informative with lots of nicely drawn diagrams, Dont miss... See some of his intresting stuff that we have in this site: Single IC LM317 Voltage Reguletor TX and very simple Logic chip 5Watt Transmitter If you can not access his main site, you may try SM0VPO Mirror Site.

Japanese Home Brew Site This wonderful site is full of intresting home brew projects. Most of them are unique to him, but very intresting. His comments explains how the thing work, some of them are humours too. See some of the his work in this site: Simple Two types of 2 transistor 7MHz radio, Single chip project Japanese Neofight Receiver and easy way to get loud audio with How to get 74dB gain with LM386 ICs.

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