Schematic Drawing Program

Submited By Nadisha 4S7NR

You can down load the unregistered version of this program. I have drawn most of the circuits in this site using Skem. The beuty of this program is that its drawing files are in ascii and they are very small. Can be sent using Email. Skem.Zip program file is only about 110 kilo bytes long.

SKEM.ZIP (110Kb)

But only problem I have on Skem (unregistered) printing does not work at all. I use screen capture program to get screens to JPG/GIF format and then print using any other program. You may use the files of this program to send circuits to this page.


If you have some thing interesting to be publish in this site (more likely constructional projects) QRP Circuits page is very happy to add your article. If you have any Circuits along with the articles, the “Skem” software can be used to get good quality pictures, and its files are very easy to sent by E-mail. You also can send Modifications and other improvements to those circuits already published in this site. Before you send the article, please send a small introduction about what you wish to publish using the QRP Guest Book. I will reply you as soon as possible.

Your Article must be original, or if you copy it from somewhere, you must indicate it so. And you are responsible for the said article. QRP Circuits (or Me Nadisha 4S7NR) take no responsibly of any kind on the articles published in this site.

QRP Circuits (or Me Nadisha 4S7NR) can not guarantee that the Circuits publish on this page are 100% accurate working. If you have any problem, please try to send an email to the person who has submitted the article. They may be able to help you. If no reply received, let me know too. If many complains and author did not respond to them, the said article will be removed from the site.

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