Slim Jim 2m Vertical.This VHF 145 MHz antenna is easy to build and with no radials. It shows equal gain of 5/8 lambda. It is light weight, you can hang it somewhere (on a tree may be) and work.

80m Short Antenna. This one is smaller than a 40m dipole. For many novice operators the space is the main problem working on 80m band. This is not the best antenna to work QRP, but it works!!!

Ribbon Dipole This is a low cost, low weight, high gain, 300 ohm TV ribbon folded dipole. Matched to 50 ohms at the end, no tuner needed. Ideal QRP antenna, as more gain over simple dipole.

X-Beam Two element X-Beam is a high-performance broad-band antenna that is ideal for Ham radio operators with limited space. X-Beams are inexpensive and easy to build. The performance of the simple X-beam is amazingly similar to larger, more conventional antennas. Put one up and challenge the big guns.

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