80m Short Dipole

By Nadisha 4S7NR

I have nothing much to write. Every one of us can't have a full size 80m dipole (even me). This is not good as a full size one, but it is much better than no antenna. HI!

The best antenna is the simple Dipole. If you have height, you even can put up a quarter wave vertical or an inverted L. Both of these antennas need some form of radials for reasonable performance. But, including my self, most of us do not have enough space for 132 feet full size 3.5Mhz dipole, or space for few 66 feet radials. Because of this reason I have included a short loaded dipole for 3.5 Mhz. band. This antenna can be use with almost any txver (about 100W max.) with a 50ohms antenna out. Total length of the antenna (excluding coils and Insulators) is about 48 feet (smaller than 40m Dipole). Take about 49 to 50 feet of wire and trim from the ends for best vSWR, for your location.

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