Ribbon Dipole

Submited By Nadisha 4S7NR

I worked on 20m with one of these antennas, from the day I rcved my ticket for one full year. Worked well over 1,000 station in about 60 countries (1988). With only 4 Watts! I had no baluns, no vfo.. (only 1 xtal) But I think this dipole perform better than a simple dipole. Original Twin-Lead folded dipole is from ARRL hand book. This one is slightly modified, no shorting strap. Formulas from me, now you can calculate to any frequency.

Ideal antenna for QRP work, as it has more gain over dipole. My antenna was made out of low cost 300 ohm TV antenna feeder ribbon. I have given 100 watts from my Icom 735 in to this antenna (no balun), and the antenna was able to take it without any heating. Length of the line from the top dipole up to the stub can be any length. I used to have a small trimmer cap instead of the fixed value cap at the stub, so I could tune, when I QSY up/down on the band with my iC-735.

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