Edwin Band  PD2EBH   

Amateur Television and other home made projects

About me

Hello, I'm Edwin Band, a licensed radio amateur living on the Z - ZW of Holland. Although I'm interested in all aspects of radio communication, my primary interest lies in Amateur Television.

Over the years I've designed and build many electronic ATV stuff. The feedback i receive are quite a lot from other people that are interested in the same kinds of projects that I undertake. Almost everything on this web site is build by myself. In fact, most of the projects here are still in use today around my home and in my "shack".

Don't forget, you can click on most Pictures to see them, usually at higher resolution than you see in your browser!


I'm also a dares member. regio 20



Longitude : 04.8546350 E (4° 51' 18'' E)
Latitude : 51.626736 N (51° 37' 38'' N)
QTH locator : JO21KP

QTH: Oosterhout Nb   The Netherlands



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