Emily Thiel
P.O.Box 614
 p43e @ hotmail.com

YLRL member
10-X# 69821
FISTS# 5055
CC# 1649, silv# 415



Since I became a ham in 1997, these have been my color QSL cards.  The log now has a little over 190,000 qso's (1997-present), and the request for QSLs at present are: one out of every 5 QSO's.  Some 42,500 Q's confirmed on 30,000 cards,  that have been mailed worldwide for the P43E and P41E call signs, both direct or via the bureau.  Contacts are uploaded to LOTW regularly for P43E.  The average request to confirm by a paper QSL card was about 25%.  This has dropped slightly to 22% now with LOTW.  That still shows that a lot of people still collect paper cards.



        hooiberg25.jpg (47000 bytes)    jamanota25.jpg (34720 bytes)    

eaglebeach25.jpg (26104 bytes)               


The chronological issuance of my color QSLs:  How many do you have :)  Plain QSLs not shown.

  • 1. Aruban flag ('97) 1000 cards (one sided only)

  •     Plain card with world in color ('97) 1000 cards (not shown)

  • 2. 1998 Solar eclipse ('98) 1000 cards

  • 3. Cunucu house watercolor ('98/'99) 2000 cards (one sided only)

  •     Plain P43E cards ('98-'01: call in red or green) 4000 cards (not shown)

  • 4. views from Aruba ('00) 3000 cards

  • 5. Boca Prins Cove ('01) 3000 cards

  • 6. Pos Chiquito beach with Santa Ana mountain (YV) in background ('01/'02) 3000 cards

  • 7. Hooiberg Hill, windsurfing students ('02/'03) 3000 cards

  • 8. Jamanota Hill landscape with Iguana ('03/'04) 3000 cards

  • 9. Eaglebeach with streetsign ('05)  3000 cards

  • 10. Malmok Inlet ('10) 2000 cards

  • 11. Eagle Beach ('12) 1000 cards

  • 12. Aruba sign in Linear Park, Oranjestad. ('13) 1000 cards

  • 13. Lagoon at Wilhelmina Park, downtown Oranjestad ('14) 1000 cards

  • 14. Spaans Lagoen by the beach ('14) 1000 cards (one-sided only)


P41e.jpg (125995 bytes)

  • Boca Catalina Beach ('01-'02) 1500 cards (one sided only)

P41E is a special call sign that I have requested only during WPX 2001 (SSB, CW) and 2002 (10m CW.)

We cannot own 2 call signs at the base price of AWG.50 per year.  However, one can request a special call for AWG.50/month.  Therefore if you kept a special call for the entire year, the fee becomes a bit steep at AWG.600 (US$343).  The P41E call is going to the vault until further notice.

Over the years, the DTZ has streamlined the prefixes for Aruba to:

  • P41 (special calls for locals),

  • P43 (local residents)

  • P49 (visitors who took the local exam)

  • P40 (visitors requesting a special call based on their reciprocal)

  • P4/homecall (visitors with reciprocal)

  • In 2012, P487IARU was granted, and hopefully more special calls will be allowed in the future.

QSL Manager for: P43T, P43ARC, P487IARU


  • Currently P43T is inactive, but if you still need a card for Anthony, I have many QSLs still.   Not on LOTW.

  • P487IARU was active for the 87th anniversary of IARU in April 2012.

  • P43ARC is the club callsign.  You can hear us on special events (Field day, JOTA, IARU).  Not on LOTW.


  • Direct: P.O.Box 614, Oranjestad, Aruba

  • Bureau: Aruba ARC, c/o P43E, P.O.Box 614, Oranjestad, Aruba.  (Note: P.O.Box 2273 is no longer used.)

  • via USA-FISTS bureau (members can send cards for me there as I have SASEs on file.)

QSLs are usually answered in less than a week.  The rest is up to the mail service between our countries.  For cards via the bureau, the same response time applies, with the additional delay that may result from the bureau cut-off dates in both countries.  

*The mail on the island is very reliable. 

*The post office accepts only the new type of IRC's that have not yet expired.


last updated: 01-May-15