Software list     

Qbus 100    Program used for sorting your qsl

Atten   Calculate your filters 
Agwpe AGW driver for baycom modems

Freqcount   Use your hamcomm modem to measure frequencies

GPKtnc11 Extention for running GP with a TNC

Wingp     GP windows version

Texas           Texas instruments IC databank

QTH loc  dos    Calculate your distance and bearing to another station 

QTH loc win  Calculate your distance and bearing to another station

Sm416      Program to learn your morse code

JVfax71     Fax program for dos

Scope251      use your soundcard to convert your pc into a scope, and spectrum analyzer

Winpack6.51   Very good packet program for windows

Logger 7.09 Nice logging software with many automated functions

updt 8.01 update for logger 7.09 to 8.01
updt 8.07 update for logger to 8.07 latest version

SDU975 Contest logging program for HF used for UBA contests

SDV975 Contest logging program for VHF used for UBA contests
winzip 16bit Zip and unzip software for Win 3.1 and Win3.11
winzip 32 bit Zip and unzip software for win 95/98, NT, 2000 and ME
P3Dsetup Phase 3D (AO-40) decoder soft. running under windows
D4time43 Utility to correct the PC clock automaticover the internet. atomic clock accur.
APRS stuff Does this need more explanation?????

To be continued - any software alway's welcome