Our main activities are contesting on 6m and VHF/UHF/SHF and meteor-scatter on 2m. We are QRV from our QTH in Rokycany (JN69TR) at 400m a.s.l. on HF+6m+2m.

6m: BMT226+HM transv., 20W output, 5 el. Yagi
2m: BMT226, PA 350W with RE025XA, 13 el. Yagi DL6WU

    During last years we made many interesting contacts on VHF. Highlights were QSO�s with ZS, 7Q and Z2 on 50 MHz and contacts with EA7, OH and CN - mostly via MS and Es.
    Meteor-scatter became our primarily interest from Rokycany. We started many years ago with slightly modified tape recoder and home built keyer. Now we are using the excellent software WinMSDSP by 9A4GL what a improvement! It�s very easy to use and it makes every QSO a real joy! We are QRV during all major showers and we are looking forward for any sked.
You can reach us either via e-mail or we are on VHF Net and WW CC 14345.

    Every first weekend from March to November we are QRV in major contests it�s our main activity during the year. Currently we have following equipment:

144 MHz:
432 MHz:
1296 MHz:
2320 MHz:
5760 MHz:
10368 MHz:
BMT226, PA 350W, preamp.CF300, 10 el. yagi
BMT226+transv., PA 80W, 2x.. el. yagi
HM transv., PA HT323 40W out, 1,6m dish
HM transv. 100mW out, 1,6m dish
HM transv. 10mW out, Horn
Transv. DB6NT, 250mW out, 1m dish

We are using a notebook PC for every band (software Locator by OK1DUO) and a separate PC for connection to DXCluster and WW CC 10368.

    Preparations for every contest are very time comsumpting and they begin several days before we set out. Every antenna, every connector needs to be carefuly checked.

    The nearest contest QTH is Radec - a hilltop about 11 km from Rokycany in JN69UT. There is a concrete tower with bunch of TV and FM broadcasting antennas. The QRN level is very high...

* * * Some of our CONTEST LOGs * * *

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