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 the Northern Ohio QRP Club

We are a casual, laid back QRP club. Our members enjoy operating in the outdoors, building their own equipment, and participating  in events such as QRP To the field (QRPTTF), ARRL field day, Freeze your butts off (FYBO),  and various contests. We do not schedule normal meetings like other clubs, instead we hold our  “meetings” during QRP events that we participate in and post information on our  web page. If you are interested in joining us, please contact one of the club officers below. tnx es 72

The elected officers are as follows:
President:               Alan Shafer AC8AP
Vice-President:       Terry Morris KB8AMZ
Secretary:                Doug Bankston K8IDW (also website manager)
Treasurer:                Michael Foster N8IUP


Links - (This Site was updated Feb 4th 2015)

NOQRP Calender  Links ARRL Field Day QRPTTF 2014 5/3/14  
QRP TTF 2013 Pictures ARRL Field Day 2013
CQ Mag Aug 2013
Article about us (Click here


Alan Shafer AC8AP Ben Salmons N8FLW Dave Hutchins KE8M Doug Bankston K8IDW Jack Hubbard NI8N
Walt Lawhead KE8BQ John Morris N8RVE Michael Foster N8IUP Tom Tillack NQ8O Chuck Timblin N2MHA
Tom Sly WB8LCD Ron Lauinger - Solon, Oh Terry Morris KB8AMZ Ron Sowders KA8LMZ Clay Benner KB8DNA
Mark Thompson WD8KTQ John Hagy AA8QV
Cuyahoga Falls
Bill Squires N8WS
Jim Toth W8HCO