QRP Resources


 QRP-kits and accessories


 JUMA Kits  JUMA Kits by OH7SV and OH2NLT
 Elecraft, Inc.  QRP Transceivers: Elecraft K1 and K2
 FAR Circuits  PCB:s for projects published in QST and other ARRL publications
 Kanga US  Kits: ONER, OXO, Sudden etc.
 LDG Electronics  Antenna Tuners, e.g. Z-11 for QRP
 MFJ Enterprises  QRP rigs and accessories
 Palm Radio, Germany  Mini paddle for portable operations etc.
 QRP Project, Germany  Various QRP kits imported to Europe
 Oak Hill Research  OHR100, OHR500
 Small Wonder Labs  RockMite, SW+ series, PSK31-transceivers
 The Toroid King  Toroids, Filter kits, other QRP building blocks
 Hans Summers  QRSS transmitter kits, toroids, other QRP parts
 Ten-Tec  Single band radios as kits + other transceivers
 Wilderness Radio  Sierra, NorCal 40A, The SST




American QRP Club American QRP Club - for builders, experimenters, ham radio operators and low power enthusiasts!
QRP ARCI, Inc. QRP Amateur Radio Club, International. Publishes QRP Quarterly
G-QRP-Club  Brittish QRP club, publishes SPRAT
New Jersey QRP Club New Jersey QRP club - Homebrewing, Operating, Fraternity
NorCal QRP Club NorCal QRP Club - another active QRP club from USA
Colorado QRP Club
QRP-L  "Internet QRP Club"


QRP-operators and constructors


DJ0MY  Building of RockMite and Elecraft K-1 as a photo show.
DL2YEO  QRP-circuits
G3YCC  G3YCC Memorial Site - lots of QRP material
JF1OZL  Lots of QRP projects, some of them quite innovative!
K4MSW  QRP link collection and pictures of QRP rigs
OK1DPX  Various QRP projects, partially in Czech.
SM0VPO  Various circuits and projects 
SM6LKM Optimist80 - 3.5 MHz DSP QRP rig.
4S7NR  Collection of QRP-projects


FT-817 links


Yaesu FT-817ND  FT-817ND in Yaesu website
bhi DSP Module for FT-817  DSP Noise Cancellation Module by bhi
FT-817 Commander  Controlling software (Windows) for FT-817 by HB9DRV
KA7OEI FT-817 pages  Links and hints for FT-817
K6XX  FT-817 pages  Simplified operating guide for FT-817 and home-assembled CW-filter reviews FT-817  User's reviews of FT-817


Ten-Tec (Argonaut) Resources


The W8KC Ten-Tec Virtual Museum  Information on older Ten-Tec Radios 
Ten-Tec Radio Links  K8ZT's Collection of Ten-Tec related links
Unofficial Ten-Tec Pages  N4NQY's site with lots of TenTec modifications etc.


RockMite Resources


RockMite from Small Wonder Labs  RockMite by Dave Benson K1SWL 
Euro-RockMite (7030kHz)  European 40m version of RockMite from QRP-Project, Germany
RockMite Files by N0RC  Links and pictures related to RockMite
My RockMite  Couple of pictures of my 20m RockMite in Fisherman's Friend box


Other QRP-links


QRP World  Home of the Milliwatt CD 
QRP Homebuilder  Projects and links



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