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Ten-Tec-- N4NQY's Unofficial T-T Pages Ten-Tec Amateur Homepage
Ten-Tec-- W8KC's Virtual T-T Museum Lineages of Ten-Tec Amateur HF Rigs-
from the Ten-Tec Mailing List
N9VV's Orion, Jupiter & Argonaut V Pages "Ten-Tec Times" from Dayton'02 by N9VV
Mods for TenTec Equipment Service Information from "Ten-Tec Times"
N4PY's Control Software for Pegasus, Jupiter & Argo-V
TenTec Radio Software Updates - RF Squared
Argonaut 505, 509 & 515
(actually models I, II & III in series)
ARRL Product Reports (Members Only)
"Second Coming of the Argonaut" - Reprint from CQ Nov. 1971 Ten-Tec Argonaut II Transceiver
Cleaner Keying for the Argonaut 509 Ten-Tec Argosy HF Transceiver
Rig-Pix - Ten-Tec Argonaut 509 Ten-Tec T-Kit Model 1340 Transceiver Kit
e-Ham Reviews- Ten-Tec Argonaut Power Mite Series
Argonaut 509 Schematics  Ten-Tec Power Mite
Improving SSB Performance of
Argonaut 509
VE3JC's Power Mite Pages
WB8DQT's Argonauts Page K5LXP's PM-3
Argonaut 509 PTO FIX by K0VAR (p-11) Power Mite Manual
Argonaut 30 Meter Mod Ten-Tec T-Kit Models - 13xx
Build an Argonaut Portable Station Case Ten-Tec's 13xx Series T-Kit
CW QRP Transceivers Page

Ten-Tec 13xx Kit Modifications
Argonaut-II 535 (actually IV in series) Argosy
An AGC Mod for the Argonaut II e-Ham Reviews- Argosy
e-Ham Reviews- Argonaut-II Rig-Pix's Argosy 525
Computer Interface for Argonaut-II (order Icom CT-17)  Rig-Pix's Agrosy-D
Homebrew Computer Interface for Argonaut-II
(I know it says Icom, but the interface is the same)
Improving the Argosy- 
from Ham Radio Magazine November 1986 
Argonaut-V 516 RF Gain Control for the Argosy I-QRPARCI  Quaterly Reprint April 2000
Ten-Tec's Argonaut V Page Night Vision for the Argosy I- QRPARCI  Quaterly Reprint April 2000
Argonaut-V Pictures from 2002 Dayton Hamvention Miscellaneous Ten-Tec
WB8DQT's Argonauts Page "Second Coming of the Argonaut" - Reprint from CQ Nov. 1971
 N9VV's Argonaut V Page Ten-Tec Advertisements from 1970's
Filters for your Ten-Tec Ten-Tec Triton QRP Mod
Ten-Tec Filter Selection Table
InRad Filters for Ten-Tec Radios

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