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This is my homepage in which I briefly describe a few of my personal interests. I have been a licensed ham radio operator since July 24th, 1978. My greatest interests are construction of microwave equipment and weak signal operation. This includes RF equipment for amateur radio astronomy, EME ( moon-bounce communications ) and tropospheric scatter equipment. I am particularly interested in very low noise amplifiers and antennas, and in those coherent modes of operation that enable this kind on communication, i.e. SSB and CW. Since June 2012 I am self-employed and if you are interested in my engineering services with 30 years + of serious RF (electromagnetic) experience with the industry (in the broadest possible sense, from DC to ionizing radiation), you may contact me at: mailstop. Here is also my private mailstop.

Some of my amateur radio projects include, grouped by subject or band:

AMSAT-OH & P3D satellite H band projects My lab 20 years ago
Radio Astronomy projects V band projects My ham shack 25 years ago
SETI/Project Argus U band projects Rover equipment
Optical projects L band projects Memberships and affiliations
Microwave EME S band projects Demo stuff
Misc. projects C band projects Favourite links
ILMARI-2003 project X band projects Other interests
OH2RTE ATV Repeater K band projects Recent additions
AMSAT-OH P3E project pages Q band projects JA1ATI millimetre wave
Gigaleiri 2004 E band projects Digital ATV
OH's on AO-40 W band projects Analogue ATV

Fastcut Oy
Padasjoen kunta
Vesijako SAM
My YouTube Channel
OH3RUD Repeaters
Project Obelix
RF-shamaanit Oy


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Image of QSL card

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