OH0V- Aaland Isl. HF Contest Station

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The ultimate motivator: Plaque for 1999 CQWW CW European victory on 15 meters! The mailman brought the package while we were at 2001 CQWW CW atop Geta Mountain. OH6LI, Jukka, proudly holds the plaque and Maik, DJ2QV, enjoys the "cafe normal"


This is ”Oscar Hotel Zero Victory” one of the top HF contest station in Europe! Jukka, OH6LI (A.K.A OH4A ) is the key person behind this call and he surely is an  avid contester both in CW and SSB. He has excellent record of contesting achievements in past few years. Jukka is the master designer of this station and he has only one drive: To break a record! OH0V is located north part of the island, in Geta berg, where there is a full 180 degrees clear see view from south- west to north-east. This is one of the highest point of Aaland islands, asl is 100 m . Read on and take a tour to see what else there is behind of call OH0V  [Mikko,OH4XX]


Up-l: Take off view to NA , pretty good uh? Up-r:OH0V QSO serving KIOSK atop Getabergen, the only mountain of OH0. Spel Hall translates to amusement arcade. Pretty excactly what contesting is all about ! Bottom: Soltuna restaurant, 30 ft from the OH0V "amusement arcade! 

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