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State Communications Plan: This plan has been written by the Oregon Section ARES/RACES leadership to provide assistance, guidance, direction and standards for ARES and RACES Units within this State.

SET Design Examples Courtesy of Oregon State OEM: This is a zip file approximately 500K bytes long, containing SET examples in Microsoft Word format. Some of these SETs are very simple, some are more involved.  Lots of good ideas here for your group's SET!

Incident Command System Self-Study Courses presented by FEMA. These are self-study courses for the Incident Command System.  You can take the course, then take an exam on-line.  Everyone should tale ICS 100, 200, and 700.

Net Control Training Manual: A comprehensive net control training guide provided by N8UT.

ARRL Emergency Communications Courses  

Josephine County Packet Message Format: At the July 20, 2002 District 5 Digital Communications Conference KK7BF talked about a packet message format in use in Josephine County.  The message format is shown as well as a description.

911: Why Police Made it Out but Firefighters Didn't: You will find this Seattle Times story about the radio communication systems used within the NYC Police and Fire departments interesting.  Submitted by Tom Hyers, W7TCH, AEC Douglas Co.

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