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Oregon Section ARES Emergency Frequencies (HF Phone): 3964 KHz LSB (Primary)
7248 KHz LSB (Secondary)
1978 KHz LSB (Reserve)


Oregon Section Wide Nets      
Net Name Day Time (Local) Frequency / Mode
Oregon ARES Traffic Net Daily 1730 3990 KHz LSB Phone


District 5 Nets      
Net Name Day Time (Local) Frequency (MHz)
District 5 ARES HF Net Sunday 1630 3964 KHz LSB Phone (Primary)
1978 KHz LSB Phone (Secondary)
Coos Co. ARES
145.190- PL146.2 Repeater
146.58 Simplex
Curry Co. CARES Tuesday 1845 147.250+ PL88.5 (Bosley)
                       Tuesday1900 146.740- PL88.5 (Gold Beach)
                        Wednesday1915 147.200+ PL118.8 (Port Orford)
Douglas Co. ARES Monday 1900 146.900- PL100. (Lane Mtn)
Jackson Co. ARES Tuesday  1930 146.940- (King Mt.)
South Valley ARES (Ashland, Talent, Greensprings, and South Jackson Co. Area) Monday 1930 147.26+ PL123.0 (Mt. Ashland)
Josephine Co. ARES Monday 2000 146.760+PL 136.5 MHz Repeater


Other Regional ARES Nets      

Net Name

Day Time (Local) Frequency
Oregon Emergency Management Net (Weather) Daily 0800 3990.0 KHz LSB
Oregon Emergency Net Daily 1800 3980.0 KHz LSB
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