Some of Don's QSLs over the years

Don was 9DR from Minnesota while in college in 1917. 9DR QSLs provided by Rick McMorran, W6ANF.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Back of card

In 1922, Don was issued 9ZT after passing the higher amateur theory and CW requirement. Stations with a Z prefix had special privileges.

9ZT 1924 card

Front of the card

Some others:

Don's 1933 QSL

Don's 1937 QSL

Don's 1949 QSL

His 1953 card

One of Don's many cards from the 1980's

Don's QSL for mobile QSOs

Don used the /A suffix to indicate he was operating from his home in Long Beach rather than the rhombic farm in Rolling Hills W6AM/A
This one is from the 1980's.

Don's 1980 and 1981 cards,
the ones he sent me!

Here's one of Don's FO0DCW cards from 1984 (courtesy AK5X).