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Here are some of our favorite links, we hope you enjoy them. Jessica's favorite links are on Jessica's page, Amateur (HAM) radio personal page links are listed on the HAM radio page. News, Search, Software, and Sports are all on this page. Tell us about your favorite sites on our Comments page.  IF you still haven't found what you're looking for, we have an additional page with approximately 800 more links, roughly categorized without descriptions etc here


take me to CNet ..Good reviews of software, internet news, product reviews, plus access to many products. CNet also maitains DOWNLOAD.COM and SHAREWARE.COM both of which feature search engines. Don't foget to sign up for CNet's Digital Dispatch.

The Locker Gnome has software and computer information on its site (including past e-zines.)

The Site (television) web pages. Reviews, news, general interest, the Internet, the World Wide Web, software, and information on how Companies and idividuals are using the web.

What's new is an extensive listing of new sites, which pertain to software, organizations, clubs, companies and other categories.

USA Today on-line! Sections for Finance, Weather, Sports, World News, US News, the Economy, Weather, Local News, Local Weather, and always some humor.

let's go check out ZD Net & Anchor Desk ... Features shareware and freeware programs with reviews and ratings. ZD Net authors some software which is free (ZD Net Exclusives.) Anchor Desk offers some of the best reporting available related to internet issues, browsers and software.


Four11 Need an EMAIL address? Phone number? Looking for a Companies web site? Trying to find an old friend? Here's where to look!

Census Bureau The U.S. Census Bureau offers foreign and domestic information, geographical maps, even lists of counties with their respective populations and statistics.

InfoSeek Whatever you need to find, INFOSEEK's specialized search engines can help you track it down. Where do I find software? What Companies have sites on the web?

Matilda is an excellent locator for new (and not so new) sites. Commercial or private, Matilda has a very large data base.

Farmer's Almanac If you've ever read the Old Farmers Almanac, you're familiar with the informative and entertaining information it contains. Plating times, weather, general information and more.

USPS Looking for an accurate Zip code, mailing rates to foreign countries? This is the place with the answers.

Who's on first ... no, take me to WHO-WHERE.Who Where is a search engine and data base for finding people, Companies, Personal Home Pages, Toll Free Numbers, email addresses and Government listings.


The Association of Shareware Proffesional's site provides links to many of its members web sites and to shareware programs. IF you use these fine programs REGISTER them.

Dave Central Dave has good programs and a good search engine for finding software you're interested in. (Some humor also.)

Jumbo Good selection of shareware and freeware and their Top Picks are well worth checking out. While you're there, don't forget to play the lotto!

My Desktop features both outstanding software and pratical information. Well worth checking out.

Take me to Software By DesignSoftware By Design author Gregory Braun makes some excellent FREEWARE programs for Windows 95, NT and 3.1 users. Well woth checking out!


Race over to NASCAR's web site ...Are you a race fan? Want to know what Rusty, Dale, Jeff and Mark are up to? Know who won last weeks race? Know who qualified?

Check out the National Basketball Association (and the BULL'S!)Home site of the National Basketball Association. How's Michael doing? What's Dennis been up to? Who won last night. Find out at

Rush over to the National Football League's web site ...Visit the National Football League's site. Check on your favorite team(s), keep up with the draft and league rule changes, find out what trades your team made.

POW / MIA you are NOT forgotten

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