Jessica's Page

My name is Jessica. I am 6 years old and I go to "real" Kindergarden! I like watching TV, riding my bike, playing and beating up daddy. I like school. I'm not a HAM yet. Mommy and daddy have to help me write this cause I can't write very well yet, but I do have favorite places to go on the Internet.

Jessica's Music Notes

I like music, but I can't play anything. Sometimes daddy lets me play music on the computer. I like dancing too. Mommy says maybe I can take dancing lessons.

Jessica's Book

I like to read, and some of the books I get from school I can read by myself. I still need help some times, though.

Jessica's Rainbow

I like lots of colors, and I have lots of crayons and markers, but red and purple are the best.

Jessica's Sports

I like to watch baseball on TV with grandma and grandpa, hockey with mommy, and football and racing with daddy. I really like gym at school and sometimes its outside.

Jessica's AppleJessica's Pet Bunny (Easter or NOT!)Jessica's Flowers

     I have a puppy! His name is Justin. He's funny. I have to take care of him cause I promised mommy and daddy I would. Dogs are hard work some times. You have to feed them and clean their cage, and take them for walks, and play with them. Alex is almost to be for me to take for a walk by myself, but daddy helps me.
     We got Alex a BIG dog house cause he couldn't fit in his old one, and I helped daddy put big posts in the ground so Alex could have a dog run. Its huge. Alex is growing really fast. I know I could ride him, but daddy says no.

My Favorite Places

Jessica say's

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