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     KB9LNP and N9KLH (Jeanette and Johnnie) enjoy Amateur Radio and belong to several groups including, 10-10 International Net, Inc and many of the 10-10 Chapters. Here are some of our favorite amateur radio sites. If you have a HAM related site you would like linked here, please tell us on our Comments page.

10-10 International Net, Incorporated. Dedicated to the preservation of amateur use of the 10 meter band, here you can obtain information on 10-10 in general, the different contests, membership information and requirements, Chapter activities and requirements, as well as find links to many member's and Chapter's web sites.
ARRL One of the first groups in the United States dedicated to amateur radio.
Branding Iron Club Home-page Here is your Club home page lots of links, Ham, shareware, misc. As of 29 August, the site also has upgrade forms for BI 1 and BI 2, Robert CH\ Branding Iron.
BuckMaster's A great place for looking up all those International calls. On line and kept well up to date, try them out the next time you're looking for that rare DX's address.
Call Sign look-up mirror, use this to check on calls issued (updated daily) or to see if a call has been issued.
Call Sign PREFIX identifier, N9KLH's attempt at listing all the normal amateur call sign prefix information (country, CQ and ITU) plus a column for whether or not that country has any active 10-10 members.
CBC The Chesepeak Bay Chapter now has a home on the Internet.
Ham radio Online is devoted to Amateur radio topics with information, HAM calendar, FREE HAM ads, Newsletters and more.
Harlem Radio Club W2ESK.Please view it and see what you think.Paul KB2SQ (Trustee for the Club) KA2PBJ Sandra W2ESK.
IPL Antique and Amateur Radio Glenn - N0VYK has done an excellent job on this site, esthetically pleasing, light and very informative. Glenn updates the site often so you'll want to bookmark this site.
Jim Flowers - VE1JIM Just tells what I'm doing, things I like to do, projects and trips along with a brief personal history and a picture.
KB9HGI's Ham Shack.
KE4HSB's Robert E. Kennedy's Home page with links to general and amateur sites.
KE9WZ Wally's home page and the home page for the Steel City Chapter of 10-10.
KG5GE Chuck's web site features pages devoted to HAM Radio, Genealogy, Jokes nd his favorite Links.
Kronderosa Ranch (The) Visit the Kronderosa Ranch in the beautiful coast range mountains of Oregon. Play the Secret Page game. Check out the Ham Radio section under Owner. Chuck Kronschnabel KC7DH
KZ3T Dan Morris' web site has a lot of information and many interesting links.
MUF map Get the current Maximum Usable Frequency from this site. (Its updated approximately every 30 minutes.)
N5PU's home pages.
N5VAV Amateur Radio and Railroad Pages, Jeff also hosts the Republic of Texas Chapter with Chapter information and more.
Neanderthal Chapter is now on line, you will find the award rules as well as a list of all members, this is Karlfried's (DL1EK) home page.
Potomac Valley Radio Club's home page. A very useful page to amateurs with numerous links.
Pretoria Amateur Radio Club - From South Africa the Home-page of most of the founding members of Springbok SCI Chapter Don ZS6CRT.
QRZ The amateur radio call book offers on line look ups-of callsigns, plus a special Vanity Call section. Well worth checking out if you're waiting on that new 1 by 2.
Space Houston on Ten (SHOT) chapter of 10-X international web site of happenings in Houston. Includes the monthly newsletter written by Allen, N5AFV and the quarterly dx column written by Mike, N5MT. Bruce Paige, KK5DO.
St. Charles Amateur Radio Club St. Charles, MO, links to many items useful to amateur radio operators.
Steamboat Chapter is now on line, Mel (KD5DE) now has forms for joining the Chapter, and will be adding upgrade forms shortly.
TEARA Triangle East amateur Radio Association is a diverse amateur radio club located in central NC, with members' interests in activities such as contesting (10-10, of course!), DXing, ragchewing, emergency preparedness, ATV, VHF/UHF/SHF weak signal, homebrewing, etc. This home-page is updated regularly with club activities and info. Dave Hockaday WB4IUY.
Tuscon Area 10 Meter Net is on line, a great site with information and links related to 10 meters and amateur radio maintained by Keith (KI7RK.)
WB2ART Ken's pages. Find 1010 and VP numbers based on call entry. Also accepts 1010 and VP numbers to look up callsigns. (Freeware). Used with 1010.TXT and optionally VP.DAT available from K4HAV, Jim Hardy.
WB6NYM (New York Mobster) Phil's web site.
W6RDK David Smith's web site is also the host site for the Bay Area Chapter of 10-10, with membership and seal requirements on-line.
WM7D's home page has links to FCC Callsign server, newsline and other amateur radio links.
Yahoo! has a very extensive (and ever expanding) HAM radio section with areas for Call Servers, Chat, Clubs and Organizations, Packet, Sunspots, People, Stations and more.

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