ICOM IC-R70 HF Communications Receiver

The Icom IC-R70 "Quad Conversion" HF Communications Receiver.
Icom's first HF communications receiver made from 1982 to 1984.
Audio badly exhibited excessive "IF hiss" (all modes).
Issue was fixed with the later IC-R71 model in late 1984.
However the IC-R70 did NOT use the IC-R71's totally insane battery RAM scheme.
(see our IC-R71A review here, bottom of page).
Can suffer from sticky S-meters and plastic VCO trimmer capacitor failures in it's old age.
Also experienced some QC issues in it's short 2 year run in the marketplace.
455 kHz stock wide CFW455HT murata bandwidth filter is a bit wider when compared to the
narrower IC-R71A CFW455IT "wide" filter for less pinched audio quality. IC-R70's audio tends to
have less overall distortion vs. the IC-R71 (so be it has more hiss). Aged electrolytic capacitors notwithstanding.
Landmark receiver for the day that included Passband Tuning and IF Notch at a reasonable price. Dave N9EWO

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